Elegance 系列
Understatement as artistry



Elegance 系列

RMB 48,000.00





外观: 不锈钢
底盖: 透视螺丝
镜面材质: 双弧型蓝宝石水晶镜面
镜面镀膜: 内面防眩镀膜
表径: 直径 39.0mm 耳对耳 44.0mm 厚度 11.6mm
带宽: 19mm
表带材质: 鳄鱼皮
表扣种类: 三折式表扣
机芯编号: 9S63 操作说明
机芯种类: 手上链
动力储存: 约72小时(3 days)
平均每日速率: 平均日差为+5秒~-3秒(静置状态下)
  • 此精准度数值是在机芯安装到表壳里以前,测量机芯在12天期间之中的秒数增加/减少数值所求得。此测量作业在人工控制的环境中进行,测量时机芯均有受到6方位的精准度检测控制。
防水: 防泼溅
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
  • 宝石数33
  • 小秒针
  • 动力储存功能

Less is more.

The slim profile of the case is made possible by tailoring the engineering to the design. The movement is wound by hand and so can be thinner. The small seconds hand at the nine o’clock position uses less height than a center seconds hand would need. The dial slopes away at the edge to accentuate the slimness of the case, which is curved to sit close to the wrist. Occasionally, less really is more.

See, feel and enjoy the power

Caliber 9S63 is the first ever Grand Seiko movement equipped with a small seconds hand. It is located at the nine o’clock position, opposite the indicator on which you can see the power reserve increase as you turn the crown. Caliber 9S63 offers a power reserve of 72 hours and a precision rate of +5 to -3 seconds per day. The movement is hand assembled and adjusted by the master craftsmen and women of the new Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi.