Sport 系列SBGE295Spring Drive GMT Triple Time-zone



Sport 系列


Spring Drive GMT model with a dial reminiscent of the dynamic cliffs of the Hotaka Mountains

Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are handcrafted by the skilled artisans of the Shinshu Watch Studio. The workshop, located in the city of Shiojiri, looks out upon the Hotaka Mountains, which were born long ago from volcanic activity that reshaped the continent and pushed the peaks up from beneath. Powerful winds and snow sculpted the faces of the cliffs over many long years to create a dynamic mountain range that is honored by this powerful sport watch.

The Sport Collection Spring Drive GMT Triple Time Zone SBGE295 has a patterned dial that represents these sheer cliffs and features a green color designed to capture the brilliance of Hotaka’s short summers. The watch features the Caliber 9R66 Spring Drive movement with GMT function. Its rotating bezel with a 24-hour scale is crafted from sapphire glass and is complemented by another 24-hour dial ring display. Together, they allow the wearer to read the time in three time zones.


外观: 不锈钢
底盖: 旋入式表背
镜面材质: 双弧型蓝宝石水晶镜面
镜面镀膜: 内面防眩镀膜
光辉: 指针及刻度及表圈
表径: 直径 44.0mm 耳对耳 50.8mm 厚度 14.7mm
带宽: 21mm
表扣种类: 三折式表扣
表带周长: 194mm
机芯编号: 9R66 操作说明
机芯种类: Spring Drive
动力储存: 约72小时(3 days)
精准度: 平均月差为±15秒(日差相当于±1秒)
防水: 20气压
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
  • 旋转表圈(24小时)
  • 可锁式表冠
  • 宝石数30
  • 24小时指针(两地时间)
  • 动力储存功能
  • 0