Sport 系列
Grand Seiko goes diving.



Sport 系列

RMB 45,000.00


Spring Drive 潜水表

防水深度200 米,利用 Lumibrite 提高了指针和索引可见度。专为在一些最恶劣的环境中使用而设计,旋转表圈可拆卸以便于维护,表冠周围的区域经过精心设计,可轻松洗掉污垢、沙子或海水中的残留物。
通过 Zaratsu 抛光技术实现的镜面表壳、有光泽的旋转表圈和多面切割时标,这款表无论在外观、高规格和耐用性方面无疑是 Grand Seiko中的佼佼者


外观: 不锈钢
底盖: 旋入式表背
镜面材质: 蓝宝石水晶镜面
镜面镀膜: 内面防眩镀膜
光辉: 指针及刻度及表圈
表径: 直径 44.2mm 耳对耳 51.0mm 厚度 14.0mm
带宽: 22mm
表扣种类: 三折式表扣与延展装置
表带周长: 195mm
机芯编号: 9R65 操作说明
机芯种类: Spring Drive
动力储存: 约72小时(3 days)
精准度: 平均月差为±15秒(日差相当于±1秒)
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
  • 单向旋转表圈
  • 可锁式表冠
  • 三折式表扣
  • 宝石数30
  • 动力储存功能

Circle, triangle, square. Shapes that spell safety to the diver.

When you’re diving, legibility is everything. When the water is murky and when clear thinking can be clouded by the conditions, you need a watch that is as reliable and legible as can be. This is why the 12 o’clock marker is a triangle, the 6 a rectangle and the others circles. It’s also why the hour and minute hands are very different shapes and lengths and generously coated in Lumibrite. The exact time is easy to read, even at a glance, deep below the surface. SBGA461 puts safety first, where it belongs.