Heritage 系列

Inspired by the Hotaka mountains. Crafted in their shadow.

This Spring Drive classic is made by the craftsmen and women of the Shinshu Watch Studio in Japan’s Nagano Prefecture. The studio is surrounded by the Hotaka mountains that, for several months each year, are covered in snow. In the crisp, dry air, and when driven across the slopes by the wind, this snow has a special light and delicate quality that is captured in the subtly textured surface of the dial. The blue tempered steel seconds hand moves over it in the perfect glide motion that is Spring Drive’s unique signature and reflects the continuous, eternal and beautiful nature of time.



Heritage 系列

RMB 43,000.00


纯白表盘及白钛表壳,最适合轻快服装的Spring Drive

采用与机械腕表相同的发条做为动力来源,配备媲美石英表等级高精准度的第三类机芯「Spring Drive」表款。表壳及表带均采用比不锈钢轻约30%的耐磨损、耐腐蚀白钛,打造轻盈舒适的配戴感。纯白表盘上的蓝钢秒针,运用独家研发的滑动式运针,白与蓝的对比,让秒针的移动更显张力。自动上链满链持续时间约为72小时(约3天),可由左下的动力储存显示确认剩余能量。


外观: 高密度钛合金
底盖: 透视螺丝
镜面材质: 双弧型蓝宝石水晶镜面
镜面镀膜: 内面防眩镀膜
表径: 直径 41.0mm 耳对耳 49.0mm 厚度 12.5mm
带宽: 20mm
表扣种类: 三折式表扣
表带周长: 193mm
机芯编号: 9R65 操作说明
机芯种类: Spring Drive
动力储存: 约72小时(3 days)
精准度: 平均月差为±15秒(日差相当于±1秒)
防水: 10气压
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
  • 可锁式表冠
  • 抗金属过敏
  • 宝石数30
  • 动力储存功能

The special whiteness of driven snow

This Spring Drive watch is made and assembled by hand at the Shinshu Watch Studio high in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture in Central Japan. When snow falls, as it does every winter, it forms into light, hard crystals that sparkle in the sun and, driven by the cold wind, create delicate patterns as they drift on the sharp dry air. This effect is captured on the dial whose brilliant whiteness holds a secret. It is not painted white but is made by a special silver plating process that allows the creation of the delicate texture of the snow to be replicated so perfectly. White magic.

The art of Zaratsu polishing and high intensity titanium

The Zaratsu polishing of steel is an art that takes many years to master. To use this technique on a material that is harder than steel is an even greater challenge but is one that Grand Seiko succeeded in meeting with this watch case. It has the elegant combination of hairline and mirror finishes and the sharply defined edges that are central to the Grand Seiko Style and the mirror finishes are free of all distortion. The result is a watch whose many interlocking surfaces act as a perfect stage for the interplay of light and shadow.