Time, nature and beauty

The rich fecundity of nature in Japan is central to the inspiration of many Grand Seiko designs. SBGE257, for example, has a dial whose color echoes the rich green of one of the 2,000 types of moss that can be found in Japan. There is something eternal about the moss that thrives at the base of trees or on garden stones, which is why it is so often used in Bonsai create the sense that time passes inexorably onwards. This sense is enhanced by the glide motion of the Spring Drive seconds hand as it moves continuously and silently across the dial.



Sport 系列

RMB 45,900.00


新世代 Spring Drive GMT

采用与机械腕表相同的发条做为动力来源,配备媲美石英表等级高精准度的第三类机芯「Spring Drive」,搭载GMT显示功能。Spring Drive 秒针并非「刻划」时间,而是在面盘上宁静滑动,独特的运针方式,更能体现时间流转与日本的美学意识。表圈采用二氧化锆陶瓷,具备极佳防刮性能。表冠设计于4点钟位置,避免干扰剧烈活动时手腕的配戴感。


外观: 不锈钢与陶瓷表圈
底盖: 旋入式表背
镜面材质: 双弧型蓝宝石水晶镜面
镜面镀膜: 内面防眩镀膜
光辉: 指针及刻度
表径: 直径 40.5mm 耳对耳 48.7mm 厚度 14.7mm
带宽: 20mm
表扣种类: 三折式表扣
机芯编号: 9R66 操作说明
机芯种类: Spring Drive
动力储存: 约72小时(3 days)
精准度: 平均月差为±15秒(日差相当于±1秒)
防水: 20气压
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
  • 可锁式表冠
  • 宝石数30
  • 24小时指针(两地时间)
  • 动力储存功能
  • 0

Hidden strength

When you first see this GMT watch, it is the deep green dial that strikes you. As you move, its color seems to change so that it presents an ever-changing and always intriguing aspect. But the watch’s true character only reveals itself when you put it to the test. The ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal are almost impervious to scratches. The Spring Drive movement offers excellent shock resistance. The screw-down crown is inset at 4 o’clock for safety. The watch is 20 bar water resistant and thanks to its compact 40.5 mm diameter and curved profile, it sits perfectly on the wrist. Truly, a watch for all seasons.

Form is function. Function is form.

For Grand Seiko, form and function are inextricably entwined. Take the dial of this Spring Drive watch. The GMT hand is yellow so that it stands out from the dial and is also different in shape from the other three hands. The letters GMT are picked out in the same yellow to make an instant visual connection. The color is not only an attractive accent; it has a specific function. And so with the ceramic bezel. It is in the same green as the dial so that the 24 hour indicators stand out clearly. It looks right because it is right.