The Collection

Grand Seiko
Masterpiece Collection

Rooted in mastery and precision, the Masterpiece Collection represents the pinnacle of Grand Seiko. To make these watches, Grand Seiko draws on two elite teams. The collection’s Spring Drive creations hail from the elite Micro Artist Studio in Nagano Prefecture, while its mechanical watches are made within Atelier Ginza, a world-class center of high-end craftsmanship in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo. Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection watches feature superior watchmaking technologies with fine movement finishing and exquisitely crafted dials and cases. Rich in artistic beauty and underpinned by traditional Japanese aesthetics, each creation reflects the eternal values of Grand Seiko and is crafted to last for generations.

Grand Seiko
Evolution 9 Collection

For Grand Seiko, Evolution 9 epitomizes our inner evolutionary spirit.

Essential. Exploratory. Ever-evolving.

9, being the greatest single digit number, forever in a moment of maximum potential, always excitedly poised.
E9 is our relentless journey of perfection and mastery.
A union of form and engineering, where in the hands of our Takumi’s craft and ingenuity unite to achieve something extraordinary.
An inner aliveness that emanates to inspire exterior expression.

Obsessive, meticulous and detailed.

Alive In Time