The Collection

Grand Seiko
Masterpiece Collection

Deep within the Shiojiri facility of Seiko Epson where all Grand Seiko Spring Drive and quartz watches are made is a small studio where, since 2000, an elite team of the company’s most skilled and talented watchmakers have been creating masterpiece watches based on the unique Spring Drive technology. In English as well as Japanese, a sign on the wall quietly announces the studio’s philosophy, namely to create watches that are “reliable to wear until grandchildren” and the “pride of Japanese.” The determination to be excellent and the humanity of the Micro Artist team shine through their words. The Micro Artist Studio made its first Grand Seiko watch in 2016.

Grand Seiko
Evolution 9 Collection

For Grand Seiko, Evolution 9 epitomizes our inner evolutionary spirit.

Essential. Exploratory. Ever-evolving.

9, being the greatest single digit number, forever in a moment of maximum potential, always excitedly poised.
E9 is our relentless journey of perfection and mastery.
A union of form and engineering, where in the hands of our Takumi’s craft and ingenuity unite to achieve something extraordinary.
An inner aliveness that emanates to inspire exterior expression.

Obsessive, meticulous and detailed.

Alive In Time