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A Spring Drive GMT watch with a rock-pattern dial

All Grand Seiko Spring Drive timepieces are designed, made, assembled and adjusted by the skilled craftsmen and women of the Shinshu Watch Studio, which is located in central Japan and surrounded by the Hotaka mountain range whose tallest summit is 3,190 metres high. As the Hotaka mountain range was created by volcanic activity, its peaks and slopes have sharp ridges and sheer cliffs which, even when carved by the wind and snow over the millennia, reveal nature at its most dramatic. This watch’s dial has the color and texture that typify the geology of the Hotaka range.
Thanks to Grand Seiko’s unique Spring Drive caliber, the seconds hand glides silently and smoothly, with no ‘tick’, across the dial, perfectly reflecting the natural and continuous flow of time. The power reserve is 72 hours when fully wound and is shown on the discreet indicator next to the eight o’clock marker. The GMT hand allows a second time zone to be shown and the hour can be adjusted without compromising the one-second-a-day precision of Spring Drive.


Case back: Fondello a vite
Materiale del vetro: Zaffiro a doppia curvatura
Rivestimento in vetro: Rivestimento anti-riflesso sulla superficie interna
LumiBrite: LumiBrite su lancette, indici e lunetta
Dimensione della cassa: Diametro 44.0mm Lug-to-lug 50.8mm Spessore 14.7mm
Band width: 21mm
Tipo di chiusura: Tripla chiusura pieghevole con rilascio a pulsante
lunghezza del bracciale: 194mm
Codice calibro: 9R66 Istruzioni
Riserva di carica: Circa 72 ore (3 giorni)
Precisione: ±1 secondo al giorno / ±15 secondi al mese (in media)
Resistenza all’acqua: 20 bar
Resistenza magnetica: 4,800 A/m
Altri dettagli / Caratteristiche:
  • Lunetta girevole
  • Corona a vite
  • 30 rubini
  • Lancetta a 24 ore (funzione display doppio orario)
  • Display riserva di energia
  • Funzione di regolazione differenza orario collegata al calendario