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Grand Seiko goes diving.



Sport Collection

EUR 6.200,00

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A Spring Drive diver’s watch designed for maximum legibility and security

The Spring Drive 200m Diver’s watch has always been appreciated for its precision and robustness. Now, its legibility at depth is further enhanced by the inclusion of Lumibrite indexes at all twelve hour marks, including the one at three o’clock to the right of the calendar frame. To ensure that the time can be read easily and without error at a glance, there are 60 distinct markings as well as five numerals on the bezel. Each hand is different in design and stands out clearly from the dial and the triangular marker at twelve o’clock ensures that, even at depth, no mistake is made. Every component is built to last but every diver knows that their watch needs regular maintenance, just like every other device on which his or her life may depend. This is why the case and bezel are designed for secure disassembly and re-assembly when routine checks are made at the Grand Seiko Service Centers.

With its screw-down crown, one-way rotating bezel, water resistance to 200 meters and anti-reflective coating on inner surface of the crystal, this watch provides all the security and legibility that the serious diver requires.


Esterno: Acciaio inox
Case back: Fondello a vite
Materiale del vetro: Vetro zaffiro
Rivestimento in vetro: Rivestimento anti-riflesso sulla superficie interna
LumiBrite: LumiBrite su lancette, indici e lunetta
Dimensione della cassa: Diametro 44.2mm Lug-to-lug 51.0mm Spessore 14.0mm
Band width: 22mm
Tipo di chiusura: Tripla chiusura pieghevole con blocco di sicurezza e rilascio a pulsante, regolatore solido e a scorrimento
lunghezza del bracciale: 195mm
Codice calibro: 9R65 Istruzioni
Riserva di carica: Circa 72 ore (3 giorni)
Precisione: ±1 secondo al giorno / ±15 secondi al mese (in media)
Resistenza magnetica: 4,800 A/m
Altri dettagli / Caratteristiche:
  • Lunetta girevole unidirezionale
  • Corona a vite
  • Tripla chiusura pieghevole con blocco di sicurezza
  • 30 rubini
  • Display riserva di energia

Circle, triangle, square. Shapes that spell safety to the diver.

When you’re diving, legibility is everything. When the water is murky and when clear thinking can be clouded by the conditions, you need a watch that is as reliable and legible as can be. This is why the 12 o’clock marker is a triangle, the 6 a rectangle and the others circles. It’s also why the hour and minute hands are very different shapes and lengths and generously coated in Lumibrite. The exact time is easy to read, even at a glance, deep below the surface. SBGA461 puts safety first, where it belongs.