Elegance Collection

The refined elegance of Grand Seiko

STGK009 catches the eye with its mother-of-pearl dial and with a blue seconds hand that is tempered by hand to a deep and powerful blue. With lines that are classic but details that are distinctively Grand Seiko, it is at once subtle and yet striking. It is powered by a remarkable automatic movement created especially for Grand Seiko’s women's watches which combines durability, accuracy and a remarkable 50 hours of power reserve with a slimness that belies the movement’s strength. The elegance shines, both inside and out.



Elegance Collection

EUR 5.400,00

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Esterno: Acciaio inox
Case back: See-through & Screw case back
Materiale del vetro: Zaffiro a doppia curvatura
Rivestimento in vetro: Rivestimento anti-riflesso sulla superficie interna
Dimensione della cassa: Diametro 27.8mm Lug-to-lug 33.5mm Spessore 11.2mm
Band width: 13mm
Tipo di chiusura: Tripla chiusura pieghevole con rilascio a pulsante
Codice calibro: 9S27 Istruzioni
Tipo di movimento: Automatico con capacità di carica manuale
Riserva di carica: Circa 50 ore
Quando statico: Da +8 a -3 secondi al giorno
  • Mean daily rate is a mean value of daily rates in a condition where the movement before assembly in a case is measured in six positions in a fixed manner under artificially controlled environment for 12 days.
Resistenza all’acqua: 10 bar
Resistenza magnetica: 4,800 A/m
Altri dettagli / Caratteristiche:
  • Quadrante in madreperla
  • 35 rubini