Elegance Collection

For those truly special occasions

The rose bouquet adorned with delphiniums, the deep texture of every fabric and the ribbons that speak of celebration. A wedding day deserves to be marked in a special way. STGK007 strikes exactly the right note. It is simple at first glance, but somehow your eye is drawn inexorably to it and it soon reveals its uniqueness. It has a long flowing ridge line, a soft feel on the wrist, a rich linen pattern on the dial and the diamond cut indexes give it has that distinctive Grand Seiko sparkle. The perfect timepiece for that perfect occasion.



Elegance Collection

EUR 5.800,00

Altre Caratteristiche


Esterno: Acciaio inox
Case back: See-through & Screw case back
Materiale del vetro: Zaffiro a doppia curvatura
Rivestimento in vetro: Rivestimento anti-riflesso sulla superficie interna
Dimensione della cassa: Diametro 27.8mm Lug-to-lug 33.5mm Spessore 11.2mm
Band width: 13mm
Tipo di chiusura: Tripla chiusura pieghevole con rilascio a pulsante
Codice calibro: 9S27 Istruzioni
Tipo di movimento: Automatico con capacità di carica manuale
Riserva di carica: Circa 50 ore
Quando statico: Da +8 a -3 secondi al giorno
  • Mean daily rate is a mean value of daily rates in a condition where the movement before assembly in a case is measured in six positions in a fixed manner under artificially controlled environment for 12 days.
Resistenza all’acqua: 10 bar
Resistenza magnetica: 4,800 A/m
Altri dettagli / Caratteristiche:
  • Quadrante con diamante/i
  • 35 rubini