Asia-Pacific Limited Edition SBGH327

A Tribute to Japan's Iconic Symbol and Nature's Phenomenon, the Aka Fuji – Grand Seiko Asia-Pacific Limited Edition

BARU edisi terbatas dari 168 pcs


Heritage Collection

Rp 110.900.000,00


Inspired by the rare Aka Fuji, the SBGH327 pays tribute to the changing seasons. As a reflection of Grand Seiko's reverence for the beauty of nature, the dial of this watch is skilfully crafted to capture this rare fleeting beauty. As late summer transitions to early autumn, a stunning scene unfolds when clear air and altostratus clouds harmoniously reflect the red light of sunrise and sunset onto the mountain. This rare occurrence, happening only once or twice a year, carries cultural significance and is believed to bring good luck. The Aka Fuji symbolizes happiness and success, bridging the gap between nature's beauty and human aspirations. The case features the exquisite Zaratsu polishing, enhancing the watch's aesthetic appeal. This timepiece is driven by the Hi-Beat Cal.9S85 renowned for precision, ensuring outstanding performance. The stainless-steel case boasts a dual-curved sapphire crystal, enhancing legibility with a screw-on see-through case back. This remarkable watch marks a historic milestone as the first regional exclusive timepiece launched by Grand Seiko Asia-Pacific in commemoration of the organization’s first year of establishment.


Eksterior: Besi tahan karat
Case back: See-through & Screw case back
Materi kaca: Safir lengkung ganda
Coating kaca: Lapisan anti-reflektif di permukaan bagian dalam
Ukuran case: Diameter 39.5mm Membujur 47.5mm Ketebalan 13.0mm
Band width: 19mm
jenis Genggam: Gesper tiga kali lipat dengan pelepas tombol tekan
No. Kaliber: 9S85 Instruksi
gerakan Jenis: Otomatis dengan kapasitas lilitan manual
cadangan daya: Approx. 55 jam
Mean daily rate: .+5 hingga -3 detik per hari
  • Mean daily rate is a mean value of daily rates in a condition where the movement before assembly in a case is measured in six positions in a fixed manner under artificially controlled environment for 12 days.
Akurasi penggunaan normal: +8 hingga -1 detik per hari
Tahan air: 10 batang
Resistensi magnetik: 4,800 A/m
Rincian lainnya / Fitur:
  • EDISI TERBATAS di bagian belakang casing
  • Nomor seri terukir di bagian belakang casing
  • Kenop pemutar disekrup
  • 37 permata