In praise of shadows

In Japan, the widespread use of shadow in all forms of art, from folding screens to representational painting, is clear evidence of the appreciation that the Japanese have for the nuances of light and dark. This is perhaps one reason for the long tradition of lacquerware in Japan. The beauty of the lacquer is brought out by the shadow and the subtle variations of light and shadow reveal the depth of its black gloss. When light hits the lacquer, other hidden colors appear. The delicate hand-painted maki-e on the hour marks of SBGW262 serve perfectly to prove the point.



Elegance Collection

  • Disponível nas Grand Seiko Boutiques e Grand Seiko Salons


Elegance Collection Urushi dial model

The dial showcases a form of Japanese craftsmanship, Urushi lacquer. The dial is made from long lasting Urushi that comes from trees grown in and around the town of Joboji that lies under Mt. Iwate, the mountain that dominates the skyline above the Shizukuishi Watch Studio. The black dial uses the lacquer mixed with iron to give it its distinctive deep jet black color.
High-legibility index decorated with a raised maki-e technique by the master of Kaga Maki-e Urushi, Isshu Tamura. The combined grace of the brush strokes of the Arabic numerals and the tension expressed by the markers emphasize the beauty and grace of the dial even more.
Only Joboji lacquer from Iwate Prefecture, the birthplace of the 9S Mechanical movements, is used. Domestic lacquer accounts for only a very small percentage of the lacquer used in Japan. Its handling is very difficult compared to foreign varieties, but it brings out deep black colors.
The combination of the dome-shaped dual-curved glass and curved dial gives a gentle feeling, while at the same time producing a strong sense of depth. This displays an expression unique to a mechanical model.


Exterior: Ouro amarelo de 18K
Verso da caixa: See-through & Screw case back
Material do cristal: Cristal de safira de dupla curvatura
Revestimento do cristal: Revestimento antirreflexo na superfície interna
Tamanho da caixa: Diameter 39.0mm Lug-to-lug 44.0mm Thickness 11.6mm
Largura da pulseira: 19mm
Band Material: Couro de crocodilo
Número de calibre: 9S64 Instructions
Tipo de movimento: Mecânico com corda manual
Reserva de marcha: Aprox. 72 horas (3 dias)
Mean daily rate: +5 a -3 segundos por dia
  • Taxa diária média é um valor médio das taxas diárias em uma condição em que o movimento antes da montagem em uma caixa é medido em seis posições de maneira fixa em ambiente artificialmente controlado por 12 dias.
Precisão de uso normal: +10 a -1 segundos/dia
Resistência à água: Resistente a respingos
Resistência magnética: 4,800 A/m
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