Sport Collection


High precision, the convenience of GMT and a sports design. A great combination.

Caliber 9F was developed to allow the creation of the ultimate quartz watch and is now widely recognized as one of the finest quartz calibers in the world.  The suitability of this remarkable Grand Seiko quartz movement to the international traveler is enhanced by the addition of a GMT hand. The high precision (+/- 10 seconds a year) of Caliber 9F86 is not compromised when the time zone is changed as the watch continues to keep perfect time even when the crown is pulled out and the hour hand is moved to adjust the local time. The GMT hand is clearly differentiated in design from the hour and minute hands and the 24-hour dial ring is divided into two 12-hour sections to allow AM and PM to be easily distinguished.

The hairline finish to the case, the 24-hour bezel, the radial pattern of the navy blue dial and the simple three-row bracelet give the watch a powerful appearance, while the screw-lock crown keeps the watch airtight and 20 bar water resistant, making it durable enough to withstand all life’s challenges.


Exterior: Aço Inoxidável
Verso da caixa: Fundo de caixa rosqueada
Revestimento do cristal: Revestimento antirreflexo na superfície interna
LumiBrite: Lumibrite nos ponteiros e indicadores
Tamanho da caixa: Diameter 39.0mm Lug-to-lug 45.9mm Thickness 12.3mm
Largura da pulseira: 19mm
Perímetro da pulseira: 203mm
Número de calibre: 9F86 Instructions
Tipo de movimento: Quartzo
Precisão: ±10 segundos por ano
Resistência à água: 20 ATM
Peso: 151 g
Outros detalhes / características:
  • Coroa rosqueada
  • Ponteiro indicador de 24 - horas (visor com função de duplo fuso horário)
  • Função de ajuste da fuso horário vinculada ao calendário