Evolution 9 Collection Hi-Beat 36000 80 Hours SLGH021

A mechanical watch depicting the mysterious scenery of the Genbi Valley on its dial

BARU edisi terbatas dari 1,000 pcs


Evolution 9 Collection



The Genbi Valley in Japan has been designated a Place of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument. It exists mid-stream on the Iwai River in Iwate Prefecture, where Grand Seiko’s mechanical watches are manufactured. The grand and mysterious scenery of the Genbi Valley is expressed in this watch’s dial via a new molded pattern and light-green coloration. The case and bracelet incorporate Ever-Brilliant Steel, a material that boasts the highest level of corrosion resistance for stainless steel in the world, and this model is the first in the Evolution 9 Collection to feature it. The material’s tendency to exhibit a white shine pairs well with the vivid green color of the dial. The Caliber 9SA5 is a ten-beat movement that is capable of 80 hours of continuous operation when the watch is fully wound.


Case back: See-through & Screw case back
Materi kaca: Safir berbentuk kotak
Coating kaca: Lapisan anti-reflektif di permukaan bagian dalam
Ukuran case: Diameter 40.0mm Membujur 47.0mm Ketebalan 11.7mm
Band width: 22mm
jenis Genggam: Gesper tiga kali lipat dengan pelepas tombol tekan
No. Kaliber: 9SA5 Instruksi
gerakan Jenis: Otomatis dengan kapasitas lilitan manual
Mean daily rate: .+5 hingga -3 detik per hari
  • Mean daily rate is a mean value of daily rates in a condition where the movement before assembly in a case is measured in six positions in a fixed manner under artificially controlled environment for 12 days.
Akurasi penggunaan normal: +8 hingga -1 detik per hari
Tahan air: 10 batang
Resistensi magnetik: 4,800 A/m
Bobot: 169 g
Rincian lainnya / Fitur:
  • EDISI TERBATAS di bagian belakang casing
  • Nomor seri terukir di bagian belakang casing
  • Kenop pemutar disekrup

A dial that expresses the magnificent scenery of the Genbi Valley

The Iwai River, which flows from its source on the northern slope of Mt. Kurikoma that lies within Iwate Prefecture, eroded massive stones to create at times potholes, waterfalls, and ravines along a stretch of 2 km. This resulted in the natural beauty of the gorge that is called the Genbi Valley. Its impressive scenery is celebrated through its designation as a Place of Scenic Beauty for Japan, and this beauty is replicated by the molded pattern and light-green color of the watch’s dial. Its expressions are ever-changing depending on the angle of the light, leaving a vivid and delightful impression.

Ever-Brilliant Steel with superior corrosion resistance

Ever-Brilliant Steel is a stainless-steel material that boasts higher corrosion resistance than the stainless steel used in regular high-end watches (indeed, it has the highest level of corrosion resistance in the world), one that shines with a brilliant white. Ever-Brilliant Steel has a PREN (pitting resistance equivalent number) that is 1.7 times that of the steel typically seen in luxury watches.

Caliber 9SA5

Through the use of the highly efficient Dual Impulse Escapement and twin barrels, Caliber 9SA5 achieves approximately 80 hours of operation when the watch is fully wound even with its a high-beat rate of 36,000 vph. The movement also allows the watches it powers to be more lightweight through a unique horizontal ring construction.