Masterpiece Collection Spring Drive 8-Day Jewelry Watch SBGD215

A high-jewelry masterpiece inspired by the lion, the enduring symbol of Grand Seiko

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Masterpiece Collection


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Exuding strength and dignity, the lion symbol has been associated with Grand Seiko since the first watch in 1960, representing the strong desire to create the best possible watch. Today, the timeless lion emblem carries forth the unwavering spirit of Grand Seiko, and this jewelry masterpiece is the sublime result of a design based on the lion theme.

Its case, made of Platinum 950, is set with diamonds and blue sapphires. In this handcrafted work of master artisans, a beautiful gradation is produced by the setting of the precious stones. What's more, the blue sapphires resonate beautifully with the central portion of the dial, which evokes the mane of a white lion enshrined atop a frozen, snow-covered mountain. The Caliber 9R01 is an 8-day Spring Drive movement created by the esteemed Micro Artist Studio, a workshop dedicated to crafting watchmaking masterpieces that can rightly be called horological works of art.


Eksterior: Platinum
Case back: See-through & Screw case back
Materi kaca: Safir lengkung ganda
Coating kaca: Lapisan anti-reflektif di permukaan bagian dalam
Ukuran case: Diameter 44.5mm Membujur 52.0mm Ketebalan 14.4mm
Band width: 23mm
Bahan Band: Kulit buaya
jenis Genggam: Gesper tiga kali lipat dengan pelepas tombol tekan
No. Kaliber: 9R01 Instruksi
Ketepatan: ± 0,5 detik per hari (± 10 detik per bulan)
Tahan air: 10 batang
Resistensi magnetik: 4,800 A/m
Rincian lainnya / Fitur:
  • Nomor seri terukir di bagian belakang casing
  • 56 permata
  • Tampilan cadangan daya
  • Fungsi penyesuaian perbedaan waktu

A dial design that combines beauty and practicality

With diamonds set next to blue sapphires, two types of precious stones work together to enhance one another’s brilliance. The baguette diamonds and blue sapphires are rail-set on an 18-karat white gold dial.

A gradation of blue sapphires and diamonds

Ranging from dark to light, the blue sapphires are arranged to create a gradation of five levels on the bezel and three levels on the top part of the lugs, with the setting completed through the combination of the sapphires with diamonds. This beauty is possible only because of the skills developed by artisans rich in experience and a history of Grand Seiko high-jewelry creations. Altogether, the watch presents a harmony of 293 precious stones.

Caliber 9R01

This Spring Drive movement is the result of superior techniques, the embodiment of a beautiful craft intended to bring joy to wristwatch owners while further raising the standard of practicality. Both mechanical and Spring Drive watches are powered by springs housed inside what are called barrels. Typically, watches have only one barrel, but the 9R01 has three barrels arrayed in a series, allowing for continuous operation of up to eight days (about 192 hours).