Grand Seiko Elegance Collection



Elegance Collection

  • Available at the Grand Seiko Boutiques and Grand Seiko Salons


The simple perfection of snow

Though it may be slim, small and minimalist in its design, this elegant quartz Grand Seiko watch exhibits in full the core values, precision, durability, ease of use and beauty, that are at the heart of Grand Seiko.

Its advanced 9F quartz caliber delivers a high precision rate of 10 seconds per year. The long minute and seconds hands reach right to the minute track to ensure that the time can be read exactly. The indexes are five-faceted and diamond-cut so that they stand out clearly from the dial and the 12 o’clock marker is distinct in design so that, whatever the viewing angle, the time is easily read at a glance.

Most striking of all, however, is the snow-inspired pattern of the pale blue dial. Made at the Shinshu Watch Studio, high in the mountains of central Japan, it has the texture and color of the snow that, for several months a year, is clearly visible to the Grand Seiko watchmakers who ply their many crafts there. The dial is clean, simple and has a quiet and serene beauty that somehow feels uniquely Japanese.


extérieur: Acier inoxydable
Case back: Fond de boîtier vissé
Revêtement en verre: Revêtement anti-reflet sur la surface interne
Dimension du boîtier: Diamètre 34.0mm Lug-to-lug 41.5mm Épaisseur 10.7mm
Band width: 18mm
Composition du Bracelet: Cuir de Crocodile
Périmètre du bracelet: 175mm
Calibre: 9F61 Manuels d’utilisation
Type de mouvement: Quartz
Précision: ± 10 secondes par an
Étanchéité: Résistante aux projections d'eau
Poids: 47 g