Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Through our Personal Information Protection Policy, Seiko Watch Corporation (Seiko) recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information of customers who use our website and handles such information in the following way:

  1. When posting the opinions or photographs of individuals on our website, Seiko will definitely obtain the consent of the person concerned beforehand, and in accordance with our Personal Information Protection Policy, will only post information that is appropriate.

  2. For the purposes of inquiry reception, surveys, e-mail delivery, mail-order sales, prize competitions, online member services, etc., Seiko may collect personal information via our website.

  3. When gathering information, Seiko will specify and indicate the purpose of use. Furthermore, Seiko will not request any information in excess of the scope of information required to achieve the purpose.

  4. When requesting personal information through prescribed input forms on the website, Seiko in principle will implement appropriate encryption for transmission and will endeavor to prevent leakage at the time of sending and receiving.

  5. Seiko may supply information received via the website to business outsourcers. In addition, we may supply inquiries received via the website to successors of the business concerned. In such cases, through contracts and agreements, Seiko will require business outsourcers and successors to endeavor to prevent the leakage of personal information in the same way that Seiko does.

  6. Seiko may use Cookies, Web beacons and users’ IP addresses on our website for the following purposes.
    Users may limit receipt of Cookies by changing their browser settings. In this case, however, the range of services available via our website may be limited.

    • Analyze access from users’ computers and smartphones and collect information on usage trends.
    • Improve the contents of the website or emails, etc.
    • Customize contents of the website or email, etc. for individual users.
    • Identify and resolve causes of server failures or problems.
    • Regarding the membership service that requires prior registration of personal information, utilize users’ browsing history and questionnaire results for marketing activities.
    • Deliver “behavioral targeting advertising” that is prepared by Seiko or entrusted to a third-party service provider.
  7. In order to securely preserve personal information in the operation of the website, Seiko will adopt appropriate security measures for the system and its operation, such as server control arrangements and access restrictions.

  8. In the case of transfer to websites operated by third-party corporations or individuals via links while using Seiko's website, the protection of personal information at the link sites will be beyond the scope of Seiko's responsibility.

  9. Seiko will endeavor to protect personal information received from minors by handling it in the same way as the information that we receive from adults. If necessary, we may request the consent of the guardian.

  10. Click here for information about personal data collected by Seiko before 31 March, 2005.(Japanese)

  11. Seiko accepts inquiries about the handling of personal information at the following contact:

If you have other questions (e.g. regarding product information) or you would like your watch to be serviced, please contact the Authorized Seiko Service Center in the area where you reside. Please check our Customer Service Center for more details.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Established March 2005 Last Updated May 2015

Seiko Watch Corporation (Seiko) takes extremely seriously its responsibilities regarding the appropriate protection and management of personal information and has established the following Personal Information Protection Policy:

  1. Compliance with laws and ordinances
    Seiko shall strictly obey laws, ordinances, and other regulations relating to the protection of personal information and shall endeavor to protect personal information.

  2. Establishment of an internal system
    Seiko shall appoint a person responsible for the management of personal information in sections that handle personal information, establish company regulations, and thoroughly promote awareness of personal information protection.

  3. Collection and use of information
    When collecting personal information, Seiko shall clarify the purpose of use beforehand and use the information within the scope of mutual agreement.
    However, there are cases wherein Seiko may disclose personal information with companies affiliated with Seiko Group Corporation in order to answer and/or confirm the content of customer inquiries, etc., directed at Seiko.

  4. Protection and control of information
    Seiko shall implement appropriate management by adopting information security and other security measures to prevent illegal access to personal information and the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

  5. Inquiries relating to information
    Seiko shall respond promptly and within a rational scope to requests for the disclosure or amendment of personal information.

  6. Improvement
    In light of applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations relating to personal information possessed by the company, Seiko shall review and improve its Personal Information Protection Policy and company regulations in a timely and appropriate manner.

  7. Related operating companies
    Seiko shall provide assistance and cooperation so that related operating companies establish personal information protection schemes and engage in the appropriate protection of personal information in accordance with their circumstances.

Retained Personal Data

Retained personal data received by Seiko prior to March 31, 2005, shall be used for the purposes set forth below in accordance with the circumstances under which it was acquired.

  • To respond to inquiries
  • To issue warrantees and conduct after-sales service
  • To provide information on new products
  • To respond to requests for information materials
  • To conduct customer surveys for use in product development
  • To deliver customer purchases and settle payment


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