Manual-winding Mechanical Hi-Beat 36000 80 Hours

Caliber 9SA4

Today, the ritual of winding a watch is one of life’s pleasures.
The simple act of turning the crown taps into the senses to forge a deeper connection with time’s natural flow. In the 1960s and ’70s, manually wound 10-beat Grand Seiko creations were manufactured in the pursuit of better rate stability and higher precision. This year, for the first time in more than 50 years, Grand Seiko announces a new hand-wound high-beat movement, Caliber 9SA4.


와인딩 메커니즘 Manual winding mechanical
일오차*1 +5 to -3 seconds per day
일반적인 사용 시 정확성 +8 to -1 seconds per day
파워 리저브 Approximately 80 hours
진동수 36,000 vibrations per hour (10 beats per second)
보석 47 jewels
특징 · Dual Impulse Escapement
· Twin barrels
· Power reserve indicator
  1. 일 평균 오차* : 인위적으로 조성한 환경하에서 12일 동안 케이스에 조립 전의 움직임을 6가지 위치에서 고정적으로 측정한 조건에서의 일 오차

Striving to create the ultimate hand-winding experience

Though the new Caliber 9SA4 has many of the same characteristics as 9SA5 which was released in 2020, nearly 40 percent of the base movement has been redesigned and reconstructed with careful consideration given to the tactile, aural, and visual sensations experienced during winding. The movement’s click, the part that holds the ratchet wheel to prevent the unwinding of the mainsprings, and the click spring, have been tailored to perfect their feel and sound, and the crown stops when the movement is fully powered. Also, a power-reserve indicator on one of the movement bridges tells the watch’s state of wind.

A beautiful movement inspired by the nature of Shizukuishi

The Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi, where Grand Seiko mechanical watches are made, is surrounded by rich nature, an ever-present source of inspiration. The click in Caliber 9SA4 is in the shape of a wagtail, a bird recognized as special to Morioka, a city close to the studio. Thanks to the redesign of the movement, the bird-like pecking motion of the click is visible to enjoy during the hand-winding process. Together with delicate finishing inspired by the Shizukuishi River, Caliber 9SA4 not only showcases the very best of Grand Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking capabilities but also captures the beauty of the studio’s natural surroundings.

A thoroughly redesigned and reconstructed movement based on Caliber 9SA5

As with Caliber 9SA5, the new 9SA4 beats 10 times per second while achieving a power reserve of 80 hours when fully wound thanks to its highly efficient Dual Impulse Escapement and two barrels. Both movements use the Grand Seiko Free-sprung Balance and a hairspring with overcoil. As a result, Caliber 9SA4 benefits from the rate stability, resistance to outside interference, and high performance that have long characterized Grand Seiko’s high-beat movements. And, as with other Grand Seiko mechanical movements, 9SA4 is tested in six positions at three different temperatures over 17 days to ensure it meets the Grand Seiko Standard.

무엇이 9S를 특별하게 만드는가?

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