Elegance Collection
Understated, elegant and quintessentially
Grand Seiko

SBGM221. This classic timepiece shows the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection at its very best. It is a quiet, refined and minimalist design and yet it has a GMT hand, a date and a 24 hour inner dial ring so that the time shown by the GMT hand is as easy to read as that shown by the hour and minute hands. The hands and indexes are polished to a razor edge so that they catch the light and make the time legible even in semi-darkness.



Elegance Collection

KRW 7,100,000

시계 특징

클래식하고 우아한 기계식(GMT)

이 클래식한 GMT 시계는 오랫동안 시계 애호가들의 마음을 사로잡은 스타일과 발전된 9S66 무브먼트를 탑재한 제품입니다. 이 시계는 3일의 파워 리저브를 제공하며 최신 헤어스프링 기술과 MEMS 기술을 통해 개발된 이스케이프먼트를 결합하여 착용 시 높은 정확도와 안정성을 구현합니다.
이 디자인은 상자 모양의 사파이어 크리스탈 유리, 자라츠 폴리싱 처리된 러그, 갈색 가죽 스트랩 및 실버 다이얼을 보완하는 블루색 스틸소재 24시간 핸즈로 순수한 고전적인 우아함을 구현합니다.

상세 스펙

외관: 스테인리스 스틸
케이스백: 시스루 케이스백
6개의 나사가 있는 케이스백
글래스 재질: 박스 쉐이프 사파이어 크리스탈
글래스 코팅: 내부 표면의 반사 방지 코팅
케이스 사이즈: 직경 39.5mm 러그 투 러그 46.9mm 두께 13.7mm
밴드 폭: 19mm
밴드 재질: 악어 가죽
클래스프 종류: 푸쉬 버튼 릴리즈가 있는 3단 접이식 클래스프
칼리버 번호: 9S66 Instructions
무브먼트 유형: 매뉴얼 와인딩이 있는 오토매틱
파워 리저브: 약 72시간 (3일)
방수: 스플래시 저항성
항자성: 4,800 A/m
무게: 88 g
기타 특징:
  • 35석
  • 24시간침 (듀얼 타임 표시 기능)
  • 캘린더 연동 시차 조정 기능

The GMT hand, blue, distinctive and perfectly functional.

The GMT hand is both unobtrusive and yet easy to see. How can this be? Because it is shorter than the other hands and set underneath them, it never interferes with the legibility of the time of day. However, because of its distinctive arrow shape and its blue color, it catches the eye whenever the wearer glances to see the time in a second time zone. It extends right to the 24 hour numerals but never overlaps them and, thanks to its powerful shape, it stands out clearly from the pure ivory dial. Form and function in perfect harmony, as the Grand Seiko Style demands.

An authentic classic, with the Grand Seiko touch.

SBGM221 has long been a favorite in the Grand Seiko collection. It is an automatic watch with a GMT hand set above a deep ivory color dial. Its uniqueness lies in the shape of the case. While every angle is soft and rounded, there is a subtle triangle that catches the eye that dwells. Formed by the case at is widest and the Zaratsu polished edges to the lugs, it adds a sharp yet delicate distinction to this classic design.

The Grand Seiko Automatic GMT, standing the test of time.

Nobuhiro Kosugi was the first watch designer in Japan to receive recognition from the Japanese government as a “Contemporary Master Craftsman.” Among his most celebrated designs is this automatic GMT watch, first offered in 2010. “Its originality comes from the crescent moon shaped profile on the Zaratsu polished, curved lugs.” says Kosugi. Perhaps so, but the combination of this distinctive case with the blue tempered GMT hand, the ivory color dial and the brown leather strap also play a role in creating a design that looks as perfectly understated today as it did nearly a decade ago.

The spirit of TAKUMI