Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko Boutique Flagship WAKO



Grand Seiko Boutique Flagship Wako is a special boutique that serves as the flagship of Grand Seiko dealerships worldwide, where you can most deeply experience the world and history of the brand.

On the first floor, we present a rich lineup of watches in a broad and circular showcase. In the space surrounded by four pillars decorated with tiles inspired by the two-story beauty, we have exhibitions that look like the living space of the
owner who loves Grand Seiko.

The store interior is divided into four areas, including library, lounge, watch bar, and living room,
and invites visitors to experience the world of Grand Seiko in each area.

Please fully enjoy the wonderful collection and special contents of Grand Seiko in Ginza, where Seiko was founded.

Logo of Grand Seiko lion emblem


  • LibraryGrand Seiko library

    A large number of valuable historical models, indispensable for Grand Seiko's history, are exhibited in the case surrounding the pillars of the library.
    It is a space where the history of the brand can be felt, such as the Grand Seiko's of the past and the publications at that time.

  • LoungeLounge with an image of a hobby space

    This is a relaxing place to talk with guests on a large sofa set up in a golden rug reminiscent of the lion symbol of Grand Seiko.
    Enjoy a wealth of brand contents such as the latest brand movies and brand books at the space in the image of a Grand Seiko owner's tastes.

  • Watch bar A bar counter resonates the world view
    of both Wako and Grand Seiko

    At this corner, Grand Seiko Wako Limited editions have been exhibited in archives since 2002. Visitors can order a "Grand Seiko Bespoke Watch" (18k Gold and platinum models only), a truly personal timepiece with only one original model in the world.
    It is special service unique to Grand Seiko Boutique Flagship Wako.

  • LivingLineup of higher-end models for living room

    30-40 high-end models, such as watches using 18k gold materials and limited edition watches are displayed in the showcase around the pillar.
    Visitors can comfortably enjoy taking a closer look at a Grand Seiko in hand while sitting in the living room chair.


Photo of Ginza WAKO

Grand Seiko Boutique
Flagship Wako

4-5-11, Ginza, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo Wako Main Building

Operating hours : 10:30 - 19:00
TEL : (03)3562-2111