Grand Seiko Sport Collection

Spring Drive
20th Anniversary

Limited Editions


The lion, the enduring emblem of Grand Seiko

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, Grand Seiko presents a new design in its Sport Collection. The design draws its inspiration from the strength and power of the Grand Seiko lion, the mark that has long been the symbol of Grand Seiko.

The lion mark was born together with the first Grand Seiko in 1960. It reflected the ambition of the Grand Seiko team to make a watch that was as precise, durable and beautiful as could be and revealed the intensity of their determination. They defined their goal as making the “king of watches”. So it was that the lion mark came to symbolize the inner strength of Grand Seiko and inspire its watchmakers to create the very best timepieces of which they were capable.

Grand Seiko


  • Lion's forefoot

    The case, which embodies the intense strength and dignity of lions, is angled inwards to ensure a soft fit on the wrist. It reproduces the strength of the lion's forelegs to grasp and not release prey, providing overwhelming wearability.

  • Lion's nail

    The lug of the case looking like a lion's nail has a flat surface without distortion by Zaratsu polishing and hairline finish. It is a case design that gives a brave impression like a lion.

  • Lion's mane

    The dial has a pattern representing the mane of the lion, which is the proof of the king of the beasts. A second hand with glide motion unique to the Spring Drive slides gracefully on the lion's mane.

  • * In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the photograph.

    The golden lion

    All three watches carry the lion symbol in the form of an 18k gold insert in the oscillating weight, denoting the enhanced accuracy of the specially adjusted movement (+/-0.5 seconds a day).

Grand Seiko
Sport Collection


  • 自動巻スプリングドライブクロノグラフ GMT Caliber 9R96


    Caliber 9R96

    Caliber 9R96 is specially adjusted Caliber 9R86, to deliver an even higher level of precision.

    Caliber 9R86 is ±15 seconds a month (equivalent to ±1 second per day), whereas Caliber 9R96 is ±10 seconds a month (equivalent to ±0.5 seconds per day).

    The difference between the two movements lies in the quartz crystal oscillator, which delivers accurate electrical signals.

    All 9R Spring Drive use quartz crystal oscillator with stable accuracy. Among them, only quartz crystal oscillator, which exhibit particularly excellent performance, are selected and mounted on the Caliber 9R96.

    The Grand Seiko lion in 18K gold graces the oscillating weight to symbolize the enhanced accuracy.

  • 自動巻スプリングドライブ Caliber 9R15


    Caliber 9R15

    Caliber 9R15 is specially adjusted Caliber 9R65, to deliver an even higher level of precision.


Grand Seiko Sport Collection
Spring Drive 20th anniversary Limited edition

Grand Seiko Sport CollectionSpring Drive 20th Anniversary
Limited Editions