The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.5The distinct functional
beauty of Japan
that is also seen in the
of Takumi Terauchi

Practical beauty polished to
is incorporated
into a product

The functions haven’t changed but
the applications have evolved

The Yanagi-gori Briefcase (Large) applies the traditional slip-on lid of yanagi-gori while also meeting the requirements of use today. It is fastened by a smooth leather belt.

Made from the koriyanagi willow, the yanagi-gori wicker box has a history that stretches back at least 1,200 years. One that was made back then, called the Tajima no kuni-san Yanagibako wicker box, is part of the collection of treasures stored at the Shosoin Repository of the famed Todaiji Temple. Toyooka City of Hyogo Prefecture is renowned for the production of this wickerwork, which is known as Toyooka kiryu zaiku. This craft has its origins in baskets woven using the koriyanagi willows that naturally grow along the Maruyama River flowing through the center of the city. Entering the modern era, this basket weaving technique was harnessed to develop the wicker case manufacturing industry.

Takumi Terauchi, who is introduced here, is the only craftsman in Japan who has received national certification as a traditional yanagi-gori artisan, but he does not limit his work to tradition alone. He fuses the details of traditional wickerwork with modern cases to create functional and original items. One leading example of his work is a travel case, which more than fully employs the wickerwork features of being light weight and durable.

A modern, practical movement
that meets the needs of the age

Grand Seiko Sport Collection SBGE201 offers water resistance of up to 20Bar and other rugged specs. A long-popular, functional model with a rotating bezel that allows the time in three time zones to be read.

Luxury watch complications are also mirrors reflecting the times. Perhaps one of the most sought-after functions in today’s globalizing society is ease in adjusting for time differences. Not only is it helpful for people going abroad on business or for leisure, but it is extremely convenient for those in their home country who want to simply glance at their wrist to know what time it is for their staff overseas.

This SBGE201 is a long-selling model that has thoroughly incorporated the functions necessary for an active global businessperson. The simple three-hand model had long been favored for Grand Seiko, but when this GMT model grasping modern-day needs appeared, it became an immediate hit. It also has the red hand indicating the home time and features ease of use in winding the crown to set the hour hand showing the local time. In pursuit of convenience for people on the go, a rotating bezel was used in a Grand Seiko for the first time to enable display of the time in three time zones. Updated specs allow a traditional timepiece to evolve in a truly appealing way.

Developing even more while
carrying on the legacy

Yanagi-gori Attaché Case (Medium) is a fusion of classic and modern. The inside is lined with canvas fabric, and it comes with a partition and pockets.

Traditional crafts are made by extremely skilled techniques, and have both practical and aesthetic values. Yanagi-gori, made by weaving koriyanagi willow, is tightly woven and has a distinct luster that results in a beautiful finished form. It was essentially a storage case used to store cherished clothes or transport food and other items.

This Yanagi-gori Attaché Case is a modern arrangement of that original application and solidly maintains its value as a traditional craft. Building on this foundation, through devotion to details such as the canvas liner, brass fittings, and leather handles, it also fulfills its function as an attaché case. It has evolved beautifully so that it can continue to be a usable tool.