The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.3Exquisite craftsmanship
that is also
found in
the metalwork of
Mami Hasegawa

Pursuit of better materials
and finishes draws out a new beauty

The Iron Rusted Plate and the Brass Server on top of it are both used as personal items. The items featured here can be viewed and purchased at the following gallery. Silver Coffee Spoon: 8,800 yen each; Iron Rusted Plate: 20,900 yen; Brass Server: 20,900 yen (all prices are tax inclusive)
●gallery & cafe yaichi, 2-64 Chuo, Kitamoto City, Saitama.
Closed on Mondays and first Tuesdays.

To carry on tradition
and newly convey it

Hasegawa’s metalworks are also tools crafted on the premise of their daily use. After over 10 years of use, spoons get small scars, and iron plates get a little warped. However, such changes over time are the traces of moments spent with the product and could be considered as strongly reflecting the lifestyle of the owner.

The products introduced here were photographed with the cooperation of “gallery & café yaichi” in Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture. It holds special exhibits of living tools crafted by hand by artisans and the traditional crafts of areas around Japan that incorporate a new sensibility. It is also known as a gallery that regularly exhibits the collections of Hasegawa and other notable creators. It’s the place to go to take these products in your hand and closely observe them to appreciate the fine hand skills and thoughts that go into their creation.

A ladies’ watch that boasts authenticity with a small case carrying the latest high-performance automatic movement. Elegance Collection STGK007. Available only at Grand Seiko Boutiques, Grand Seiko Salons, and Grand Seiko Master Shops.

A ladies’ watch carrying
a universal appeal

A ladies’ watch that carries the high-performance automatic movement Cal.9S27 manufactured in-house. The small size of the case, with a diameter of just 27.8 millimeters, allows it to fit comfortably on a woman’s wrist, and the sparkling diamond indexes add a luxurious touch. The distortion-free mirrored surfaces of the case, the dial designed in the motif of hemp cloth used in Japan from old, the artisan-finished blue seconds hand, and other features carry on the Grand Seiko tradition of craftsmanship.

With its elaborate details, this is a ladies’ watch that makes the act of just looking at the watch a pleasure. Although it is a practical item that accurately tells time, the fine details achieved through craftsmanship skills gives the watch the appeal of a work of art and provides the joy of ownership. The passage of time will no doubt become all that more fulfilling by spending each day with such a watch.