The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.1The Japanese aesthetic 
that charmed Milan

An original mechanism
that portrays the beautiful flow of time

Cal.9R65, Grand Seiko’s innovative Spring Drive movement, not only boasts superb precision but is beautifully finished as well.

Proprietary development of
a new generation movement

This year’s installation used Grand Seiko’s innovative movement, Spring Drive. Spring Drive’s concept of “using a quartz crystal to control a mechanical watch” was born in 1977, but practical application of the technology was not realized until 1999. First released as a hand winding movement, it was refined into an automatic winding movement in 2004 and incorporated in Grand Seiko.

Up to the point where the gears are rotated by the power of a mainspring, which is wound by the rotor or by hand, the mechanism of this movement is the same as that of a mechanical watch. The distinguishing feature of this movement, however, is that some of the mainspring’s power is used to generate electricity, which is then used to activate a quartz circuit. The precise signal transmitted by the quartz oscillator controls the rotational speed of the gears to achieve not only high accuracy but also the smooth sweep of the seconds hand, which glides silently without a tick. The result: a beautiful expression of the flow of time.

The Heritage Collection SBGA211 has become famous thanks to its “Snowflake” dial.

An innovative watch
appealing to the emotions

The exquisite finish of Grand Seiko’s cases, which feature distortion-free polished surfaces and case sides with sharply defined lines, is eye-catching. And in recent years, aesthetic expression has been introduced to the dial as well. Although a distinguishing feature of Grand Seiko is its practical beauty as expressed in details such as the diamond-cut hour markers and the long and wide hour and minute hands, take note also of the design of the dial used in SBGA211.

The dial expresses the natural textured surface of the snow covering the mountains of the Shinshu region and is mesmerizing with its lavish emotional appeal. The act of looking at a watch is basically to check the time, but in the case of this watch, the act becomes the purpose. Look at the watch and sense the luxurious flow of time.