GMT and the cityscape at night

Why is the GMT hand of SBGE201 red? To stand out against the jet black dial? Yes. To differentiate it from the other time of day hands? Yes. But perhaps also it’s to celebrate the magic of the city at night and, in particular, the red lights that gleam from the tops of the skyscrapers as if they were urban lighthouses.



Sport Collection

EUR 6.000,00


Un Spring Drive GMT para la próxima generación

El cristal de zafiro de alta calidad en la superficie del anillo proporciona una fuerte sensación de transparencia, amplitud y profundidad.


Exterior: Acero inoxidable
Case back: Fondo de caja de rosca)
Material del cristal: Zafiro con doble curvatura
Revestimiento del cristal: Revestimiento antirreflectante en la superficie interna
LumiBrite: Lumibrite en agujas e índice(s)
Tamaño de la caja: Diámetro 44.0mm Longitud 50.8mm Grosor 14.7mm
Band width: 21mm
Tipo de cierre: Cierre de tres pliegues con botón de apertura
Perímetro de la pulsera: 191mm
Número de calibre: 9R66 Instrucciones
Tipo de movimiento: Spring Drive
Reserva de marcha: Aprox. 72 horas (3 días)
Precisión: ±1 segundo al día / ±15 segundo al mes (promedio)
Resistencia al agua: 20 bares
Resistencia magnética: 4,800 A/m
Peso: 177 g
Otros detalles / características:
  • Bisel giratorio (indicación de 24 horas)
  • Corona de rosca
  • 30 rubíes
  • Aguja de 24 horas (función de indicación de doble horario)
  • Visualización de reserva de energía
  • Función de ajuste de diferencia horaria vinculada al calendario

Sports. Evenings. Anytime. Anywhere.

The sapphire crystal bezel gives this watch a refinement that makes it as suitable for formal occasions as it is for use outdoors. It’s 20 bar water resistant and the Spring Drive movement is resistant to temperature change and shock. Furthermore, it’s ultimately practical; its GMT hand, the 24 hour dial ring and the two way rotating bezel allow you to see the time in up to three time zones at once while the accuracy is maintained even when the zones are adjusted.

A seconds hand that moves in glide motion

Because all the motion within a Spring Drive movement is in one direction, the seconds hand moves in perfect glide motion. Just like time itself, the seconds hand moves continuously and silently with no tick or shudder. Spring Drive expresses the natural flow of time in a uniquely precise and beautiful way. In this GMT Spring Drive watch with caliber 9R66, a second time zone is shown on a 24 hand that is adjusted independently so that the glide motion is never stopped.

How do you make a watch so legible?

The designer of Grand Seiko’s SBGE201 knew that it’s all in the details. See how the tip of the hour hand is exactly the same width as the index so that the exact time can be seen at a glance. Look at how the second hand reaches exactly to the edge of the minute markers for precise reading. And see how the markers at nine and twelve o’clock are different to the rest so that there’s no mistaking the time, even when the watch is at an angle or off the wrist. For Grand Seiko, legibility is an obsession.