Polished to perfection

The refinement of the case is most evident when seen from the side. The diamonds are perfectly aligned along the Zaratsu polished surface which has the perfect, distortion-free finish that only this handcraft technique can deliver. While soft to the touch, every edge is sharp to the eye and catches the light in a way that is in sparkling harmony with the line of diamonds.



Elegance Collection


A women’s mechanical creation with all the natural elegance of Grand Seiko

Thanks to the slim profile and powerful performance of the new Caliber 9S27, new design possibilities have been created.

Their design respects the heritage that was born in 1967 with the classic 62GS with its bezel-free construction, sharply angled hands and markers and highly polished surfaces. The new design combines the strong, distinctive look of one of Grand Seiko’s seminal creations with a fresh, soft and feminine grace.


Exterior: Aço Inoxidável
Verso da caixa: See-through & Screw case back
Material do cristal: Cristal de safira de dupla curvatura
Revestimento do cristal: Revestimento antirreflexo na superfície interna
Tamanho da caixa: Diameter 30.6mm Lug-to-lug 36.0mm Thickness 12.7mm
Largura da pulseira: 13mm
Tipo de fecho: Fecho triplo com botão de pressão
Número de calibre: 9S27 Instructions
Tipo de movimento: Automático com capacidade de corda manual
Reserva de marcha: Aprox. 50 horas
Mean daily rate: +8 a -3 segundos por dia
  • Taxa diária média é um valor médio das taxas diárias em uma condição em que o movimento antes da montagem em uma caixa é medido em seis posições de maneira fixa em ambiente artificialmente controlado por 12 dias.
Resistência à água: 10 ATM
Resistência magnética: 4,800 A/m
Peso: 84 g
Outros detalhes / características:
  • Caixa com diamante(s)
  • Mostrador com diamante(s)
  • 35 rubis

Indexes of distinction

There is a warm, natural and uniquely Japanese elegance to the dial that derives from a combination of the two diagonally positioned diamonds at 12 o’clock, the subtle, tactile texture of the dial surface and the leaf shaped Indexes which, like the tapered hour and minute hands, are polished to ensure both their beauty and their legibility.

A seamlessly curved case that loves the wrist

As soon as you put the watch on, it feels as if it were designed for your wrist alone. The bezel-free case and the domed sapphire crystal create a delicate arch that follows the shape of your wrist. It’s a joy to wear as well as to look at.