Evolution 9 Collection
A uniquely high specification
diver’s watch



Evolution 9 Collection

TWD 325,000.00

  • Available at the Grand Seiko Boutiques and Grand Seiko Salons



強大的海流縱橫圍繞日本列島的海洋。其中一道海流是「Kuroshio Current」,又名「黑潮」。它向北經過日本朝北太平洋而去,是世界上最大的海流之一。黑潮帶來的強大海潮,有時波濤洶湧,為這款全新200m潛水錶面盤上的黑色與豐富紋理帶來靈感。 此錶由Spring Drive Caliber 9RA5驅動。這款機芯的精準度為月差±10秒,並具備五日動力儲存。陶瓷旋轉錶圈保護腕錶免於磨損。


外觀: 高密度鈦合金
背蓋: 螺旋式底蓋
鏡面材質: 藍寶石水晶
鏡面鍍膜: 內面無反射塗層處理
Lumi Brite夜光: 指針及刻度及表圈
尺寸: 錶徑 43.8mm 耳對耳 51.5mm 厚度 13.8mm
帶寬: 23mm
錶扣種類: 一鍵按壓式潛水調節器錶扣
錶帶周長: 185mm
機芯編號: 9RA5 操作說明書
機芯種類: Spring Drive
精準度: 平均月差為±10秒
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
重量: 150 g
其他 / 特色:
  • 單向旋轉錶圈
  • 螺旋式錶冠
  • 三折式帶安全鎖錶扣
  • 動力儲存功能

The Evolution 9 Style

In 2020, Grand Seiko introduced a new design philosophy called the Evolution 9 Style. It was based, of course, on the Grand Seiko Style which has always defined the design of all Grand Seiko watches and continues to do so. The Evolution 9 Style preserves the fundamentals of the Grand Seiko Style but adapts them for a new generation by setting new standards of legibility, comfort and beauty.
Ever since its creation in 1960, Grand Seiko has evolved continuously as new technologies, materials and ideas have opened up new design possibilities and the Evolution 9 Style is another step forward on this never-ending road. It was developed to further refine the aesthetics that have been at the heart of Grand Seiko from the start and to renew them for the years to come.

The Evolution 9 Style
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Contrast, depth and Lumibrite

The legibility could not be greater, thanks to the high contrast between the dial and hands, the precision of the engineering and the generous coatings of Lumibrite that the hands and the markers carry. Furthermore, each hand has its own distinctive shape, as does the 12 o’clock marker, so that the exact time can be read at a glance, even under water.

Spring Drive 5 Days Caliber 9RA5

Spring Drive is a unique watch technology. It generates energy like every other traditional mechanical watch but combines this with an electronic regulator to deliver a level of precision that no mechanical watch can match. The development of Spring Drive was possible because Grand Seiko is one of the very few manufacturers with mastery of both electronic and mechanical watchmaking.
In addition to achieving a high accuracy of ±10 seconds/month, this movement is 0.8mm thinner than the previous Caliber 9R65 by adopting the “Offset Magic Lever.” The movement is equipped with a power reserve indicator located on the dial side for safety during diving.