Elegance CollectionSBGY026

YENİ 100 adet limitli üretim


Elegance Koleksiyonu

  • Available at the Grand Seiko Boutiques and Grand Seiko Salons

Saatin Öyküsü

The fleeting beauty of Japanese spring expressed in an elegant gold dress watch.

After the passing of the spring equinox, or Shunbun, one of the traditional twenty-four divisions of the year in some Eastern cultures, we find ourselves in the true spring season, when we can see the cherry blossoms fluttering in the wind. Their petals blanket the surfaces of nearby rivers in a subtly delicate pink.

The dial captures the feeling of such a scene – of a mood that is uniquely Japanese, in which one appreciates the cherry blossoms still more even as they fall. The dial’s embossed pattern, like petals floating on water, and its relaxed pink color, bring a cheerful feeling to whoever glances at the watch. This elegant 18-karat rose gold dress watch is further distinguished by the harmony between the dual curve sapphire crystal and the flowing precious metal case with its refined form.

The watch is powered by the manual-winding Caliber 9R31, assembled by the skilled artisans of the Shinshu Watch Studio, where Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are made.


Dış Özellikler
Kasa malzemesi: 18k rose gold
Kasa arkası: Vidalı, şeffaf arka kapak
Cam: Çift bombeli safir cam
Cam kaplaması: İç yüzeyde yansıma önleyici kaplama
Kasa ebatları: Çap 38.5 mm; Uzunluk 43.7 mm; Kalınlık 10.2 mm.
Kordon genişliği: 19 mm
Kordon malzemesi: Crocodile leather
Toka: Three-fold clasp with push button release
Kordon uzunluğu: 198 mm
Kalibre no.: 9R31 Kullanma Kılavuzları
Güç rezervi: Yakaşık 72 saat (3 gün)
Hassasiyet: Ayda ±15 saniye (günde ±1 saniye)
Diğer Özellikler
Su geçirmezlik: Splash Resistant
Manyetik direnç: 4.800 A/m
Ağırlık: 89 g
Ayrıntılar / Fonksiyonlar:
  • LIMITED EDITION on the case back
  • Serial number engraved on the case back
  • 30 jewels
  • Power reserve indicator