Evolution 9 Collection
Shirakaba. The white birch tree that
thrives in Shinshu.

White Birch

SLGA009 captures the quiet mood of the white birch tree forests near the studio in Shinshu, where all Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are crafted.



Evolution 9 Collection

HKD 68,000.00


Spring Drive 白樺樹


Caliber 9RA2 5日鍊配置新型偏心式魔術槓桿,遠離機芯中心,因此能夠減少厚度。機芯飾面的細膩質地則呈現Spring Drive腕錶製造地信州在寒冬時的森林冰霜。橋板線條及孔邊皆以鑽石切割,能夠由各個角度反射光線;而寶石及藍鋼動力儲存顯示針更增添靜謐光彩,令人賞心悅目。


外觀: 不鏽鋼
背蓋: 透視背蓋
鏡面材質: 雙弧面藍寶石水晶玻璃
鏡面鍍膜: 內面無反射塗層處理
尺寸: 周長 40.0mm 耳對耳 47.9mm 厚度 11.8mm
帶寬: 22mm
錶扣種類: 三折式按鈕開關錶扣
錶帶周長: 196mm
機芯編號: 9RA2 操作說明書
機芯種類: Spring Drive
精準度: 平均月差為±10秒
防水: 日常生活用強化防水(10氣壓)
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
重量: 176 g
其他 / 特色:
  • 螺旋式錶冠
  • 動力儲存功能

The Evolution 9 Style

In 2020, Grand Seiko introduced a new design philosophy called the Evolution 9 Style. It was based, of course, on the Grand Seiko Style, which has always defined the design of all Grand Seiko watches and continues to do so. The Evolution 9 Style preserves the fundamentals of the Grand Seiko Style but adapts them for a new generation by setting new standards of legibility, ease of use and beauty.

White birch dial

The calmness of the white birch forest in response to the quiet and smooth movement of the seconds hand created by the Spring Drive movement is expressed by the carefully made dial of the mold.

Spring Drive 5 Days, Caliber 9RA2

SLGA009 is powered by the Grand Seiko Spring Drive 5 Days Caliber 9RA2. The movement is equipped with an "Offset Magic Lever" to reduce its thickness and incorporates two barrels to provide up to 120 hours of power reserve. The beauty of the movement reveals the uniquely Japanese aesthetic for which Grand Seiko is renowned. The delicate texture of the movement's finish reflects the frost that winter brings to the forests in Shinshu where all Spring Drive watches are made. The bridge line and the edges of the screw holes are diamond cut to reflect the light from any angle and give the movement a quiet glow when seen through the sapphire case back.

Caliber 9RA2
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