Sport Collection
Grand Seiko Boutique Exclusive Edition



Sport Collection

  • Disponível nas Grand Seiko Boutiques


Limited edition only available at the Grand Seiko Boutiques

This timepiece achieves unparallel functionality as the rotating 24-hour bezel?simultaneously displays three different time zones. The design has a profound presence, while still maintaining the traditional shine of a classic Grand Seiko model. Combined with a tough exterior, water resistant down to 20 bar and highly resistant to shocks, this timepiece has been perfected as the ideal luxurious sports watch for those active on the global stage.
It features utilizing Grand Seiko’s first 18k rose gold rotating bezel.
By resonating with the sunburst pattern of the premium black-colored dial, the bezel is reminiscent of a beautiful sunrise as seen from above in a plane.
A robust black silicone strap, which shows a high affinity with the black-colored dial, is included. The lion emblem is proudly displayed on the free loop, and changing to the silicone strap will make the watch even lighter on the wrist. This strap can be attached regardless of the situation to quickly turn this timepiece into an extremely reliable travel watch.
As proof of its status as a Grand Seiko boutique limited edition, the lion emblem?the symbol of Grand Seiko?is proudly displayed on the sapphire glass case back offering a peek at the Spring Drive movement, along with the words “Grand Seiko Boutique Limited Edition” printed in pink gold color.

*In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the photograph.


Exterior: Aço Inoxidável com bisel em ouro rosa de 18k
Verso da caixa: See-through & Screw case back
Material do cristal: Cristal de safira de dupla curvatura
Revestimento do cristal: Revestimento antirreflexo na superfície interna
Tamanho da caixa: Diameter 44.0mm Lug-to-lug 50.8mm Thickness 14.9mm
Largura da pulseira: 21mm
Tipo de fecho: Fecho triplo com botão de pressão
Perímetro da pulseira: 197mm
Número de calibre: 9R66 Instructions
Tipo de movimento: Spring Drive
Reserva de marcha: Aprox. 72 horas (3 dias)
Precisão: ± 1 segundo por dia / ±15 segundos por mês (média)
Resistência à água: 20 ATM
Resistência magnética: 4,800 A/m
Peso: 190 g
Outros detalhes / características:
  • Coroa de ouro rosa de 18K
  • Bisel rotativo
  • Coroa rosqueada
  • 30 rubis
  • Ponteiro indicador de 24 - horas (visor com função de duplo fuso horário)
  • Exibição de Reserva de marcha
  • Função de ajuste da fuso horário vinculada ao calendário