Caliber 9F86, the uncompromising GMT watch caliber

Since its creation in 1993, Caliber 9F has been perhaps the most advanced quartz watch movement in the world. Now, the GMT function has been added with no compromise made to any of Caliber 9F’s core functionality. It may have taken 25 years but it was worth the wait.

Grand Seiko SBGN001 / Grand Seiko SBGN007


(left) Grand Seiko SBGN001

A yellow GMT hand on a dial stamped with a pattern made up of the GS and 9F symbols in a radial pattern. This is a sports watch with the traditional high legibility of Grand Seiko enhanced by the use of two colors on the outer rim of the dial to designate night and day. The five-pointed star twinkling under the letters GMT attests that this movement has been specially adjusted for precision. It offers accuracy of ±5 seconds per year. Quartz movement. 39.0 mm case in stainless steel. Limited edition of 800.

(right) Grand Seiko SBGN007

The gold GMT hand and the Arabic numerals between the hour markers reveal that this timepiece carries the newest GMT caliber, 9F86. Its dark green dial features a pattern commemorating the 25th anniversary of Caliber 9F with the specially adjusted movement installed. It offers accuracy of ±5 seconds per year. Quartz movement. 40.0 mm stainless steel case. Limited edition of 1,200.