The latest Caliber 9F creations

A quarter of a century has passed since the birth of Caliber 9F and its enduring popularity is ample proof of its durability and lasting performance. Two limited editions celebrate the 25th anniversary of Caliber 9F and both pay homage to Grand Seiko's classic masterpieces.

Grand Seiko SBGT241 / Grand Seiko SBGV238


(left) Grand Seiko SBGT241

A re-imagining of the very first Grand Seiko watch to incorporate Caliber 9F. The dial carries a special monogrammed pattern using the characters “GS9F.” The 5-pointed gold star above the six o'clock marker indicates that the timepiece incorporates the 9F83 version of the movement with a specially enhanced precision rate of ±5 seconds a year. Quartz movement. 39.1mm stainless steel case. A limited edition of 1,500.

(right) Grand Seiko SBGV238

A watch based on the acclaimed 44GS design that, in 1967, defined Grand Seiko forever. The bezel is in 18k gold. Its dial also features the “GS9F” pattern and the 5-pointed star. An exhibition case back reveals the hand finishing and polishing of the movement. Quartz movement. 40.0mm stainless steel and 18k yellow gold case. A limited edition of 600.