Oct. 2, 2018 Press Release

A new era for Grand Seiko opens with the establishment of Grand Seiko Corporation of America

Seiko Watch Corporation is pleased to announce the establishment of a new company that will market the Grand Seiko brand in the United States of America. Grand Seiko Corporation of America was incorporated under the law of New York State and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko Watch Corporation.

Since its international launch in 2010, Grand Seiko’s reputation as a leading luxury watch brand has grown rapidly, thanks to its award-winning mechanical watch series and its unique Spring Drive and exclusive quartz collections. The Grand Seiko collection is offered at prices between $2,200 and $60,000. In 2017, a new chapter in the Grand Seiko story opened with the launch of a wider collection and with establishment of Grand Seiko as a fully independent brand.

Grand Seiko Corporation of America is the first independent Grand Seiko company in the world. It will market Grand Seiko through its existing network of retail partners, through the Grand Seiko Boutique in Beverley Hills and through the Seiko Boutiques in New York and Miami. Further plans for an increased retail presence and other marketing initiatives will be unveiled in New York in November.

“The creation of this new company is an important part of our global strategy to raise further the profile of Grand Seiko. Grand Seiko has been making remarkable progress in the USA in the past two years. The new company will be able to build on that momentum, focussing uniquely on developing Grand Seiko as a luxury watch brand and serving the needs of retail partners and our customers. Exciting times lie ahead.” said Shinji Hattori, Chairman and CEO of Seiko Watch Corporation.

About Grand Seiko

Born in 1960, Grand Seiko has long had a loyal following in Japan as a leading luxury watch. Launched internationally in 2010, Grand Seiko is now presented worldwide. Grand Seiko is one of the very few fully integrated watchmakers in the world, with complete in-house capabilities in every area of watchmaking, from the development of component materials through design and manufacture to assembly and adjustment. Every Grand Seiko watch is assembled and adjusted by hand by highly skilled craftsmen and women in two dedicated studios in Japan. From the very start, Grand Seiko has concentrated on the pure essentials of watchmaking; every Grand Seiko watch offers the very highest levels of precision, legibility, durability and ease-of-use. With a simple purity of design, the highest level of hand craftsmanship in every detail and a strong Japanese aesthetic, all Grand Seiko watches have a special and unique beauty that is the brand’s distinctive hallmark. Winner of many awards, including a prize at the 2014 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, Grand Seiko offers a wide range of designs incorporating exclusive mechanical, Spring Drive and quartz calibers.

About Seiko in the USA

Seiko Corporation of America was established in 1970 to market Seiko branded timepieces. Based in New Jersey, Seiko Corporation of America has, until now, marketed both Grand Seiko and Seiko watches and has been responsible for the management of the company’s three flagship stores in the US. With the establishment of Grand Seiko Corporation of America, the company’s operations will be split into two. Grand Seiko Corporation of America will market Grand Seiko and the premium collections of Seiko through the independent retail channel. It will also manage all current and future retail operations. Seiko Watch of America, until now Seiko Corporation of America, will continue to market the core Seiko watch collection and will be responsible for all logistical and service support to all brands, including Grand Seiko.