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Launched in 1967, the 62GS was Grand Seiko’s first watch which mounted automatic movement. This timepiece gained popularity for its striking design featuring a mirrored, multi-sided case and wide dial opening, which was achieved with bezel-free construction and Grand Seiko’s signature Zaratsu polishing technique. Pure and refined, the 62GS is our treasured classic.

62GS had a mirrored, multi-sided case and a wide dial opening, achieved with a bezel-free construction and Grand Seiko’s unique Zaratsu polishing. Together, these elements combined to make 62GS a clean, slim, easy-to-read and comfortable watch.

Embodiment of Japanese nature and its artistic sensibilities

In Japan, each of the four seasons of the year is experienced in six phases and all have their own distinct characters. The subtle changes from one to the next bring the nature of time ever closer to our senses.