Polished to perfection

The refinement of the case is most evident when seen from the side. The diamonds are perfectly aligned along the Zaratsu polished surface which has the perfect, distortion-free finish that only this handcraft technique can deliver. While soft to the touch, every edge is sharp to the eye and catches the light in a way that is in sparkling harmony with the line of diamonds.

The Elegance Collection for women traces its heritage all the way back to the 1967 classic known as 62GS. With its bezel-free construction, the new design combines the strong, distinctive look of Grand Seiko with a soft feel to the case. The lines of the case are apparently seamless and the surfaces distortion-free so that the watch has an organic feeling, as if it were hewn from nature itself.



Elegance Collection

TWD 350,000.00


造型承襲1967年問世的名作『62GS』,昇華為女性柔和曲線的Elegance Collection



外觀: 不鏽鋼
背蓋: 透視背蓋
鏡面材質: 雙弧面藍寶石水晶玻璃
鏡面鍍膜: 內面無反射塗層處理
尺寸: 錶徑 30.6mm 耳對耳 36.0mm 厚度 12.7mm
帶寬: 13mm
錶扣種類: 三折式按鈕開關錶扣
機芯編號: 9S27 操作說明書
機芯種類: 自動上弦機械機芯(可手動上弦)
動力儲存: 約50小時(上滿弦時)
靜置精準度: 平均日差為+8秒~-3秒(靜置狀態下)
  • 基於Grand Seiko規格,機芯出廠前在6方位和3溫度的條件下所測量的精準度。與客戶實際使用的環境(配戴精準度)有所不同。 此外,由於機械機芯的特性,根據使用條件(配帶時間、溫度、手腕動作、強烈衝擊或振動),可能會超出上述精準度範圍。
防水: 日常生活用強化防水(10氣壓)
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
重量: 84 g
其他 / 特色:
  • 鑲鑽錶殼
  • 鑲鑽珍珠貝母錶盤
  • 寶石數:35石

A seamlessly curved case that loves the wrist

As soon as you put the watch on, it feels as if it were designed for your wrist alone. The bezel-free case and the domed sapphire crystal create a delicate arch that follows the shape of your wrist. It’s a joy to wear as well as to look at.

Dials that show the artistry of Japan

Mother-of-pearl dial with a deep purple color known as ’Koki-murasaki’ which has been a symbol of status since the early days of ancient Japan. Thanks to the dial’s texture and this deep color, it seems to be ever changing; each time you glance at the time, the watch brings a new sparkle to your day.

Caliber 9S27

The Grand Seiko automatic caliber 9S27 strikes that difficult and delicate balance between high performance and slimness that only a true manufacture can achieve. It has a precision rate of +8 to -3 seconds per day and a power reserve of 50 hours. These high levels of performance are delivered by an 8 beat movement that is just 19.4mm in diameter and 4.49mm in height.

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