Masterpiece CollectionSBGD213Spring Drive 8-Day Jewelry Watch

NEW 限量 8 只


Masterpiece Collection

TWD 8,000,000.00


  • Available at the Grand Seiko Boutiques


靈感源自白獅的全新Grand Seiko 珠寶傑作

第一款Grand Seiko腕錶在1960年問世,當時其底蓋裝飾一枚描繪雄獅的金質飾章,自此之後,雄獅充滿力量的輪廓就一直是Grand Seiko的標誌。


此腕錶搭載Spring Drive 9R01機芯。這款機芯是由和信州時之匠工坊位於同一鹽尻錶廠的Micro Artist Studio製錶師菁英團隊所創造。9R01機芯的精準度達月差±10秒,並透過三個串聯的發條盒提供八日(192小時)動力儲存。


外觀: 鉑金
背蓋: 透視背蓋
鏡面材質: 雙弧面藍寶石水晶玻璃
鏡面鍍膜: 內面無反射塗層處理
尺寸: 錶徑 44.5mm 耳對耳 52.0mm 厚度 14.4mm
帶寬: 23mm
錶帶材質: 天然皮革(鱷魚皮)
錶扣種類: 三折式按鈕開關錶扣
機芯編號: 9R01 操作說明書
精準度: 平均月差為±10秒
防水: 日常生活用強化防水(10氣壓)
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
其他 / 特色:
  • 鑲鑽錶殼
  • 鉑金950錶扣(部分18k白金)
  • 寶石數:56石
  • 動力儲存功能
  • 時差修正功能

A flowing mane

The strength of the lion finds its way into the powerful lugs, with a mother-of-pearl dial representing the flowing mane of the regal creature. With the powerful case and lugs, as well as the precious stones, the watch’s distinctive appearance commands attention. The upper part of the case has 112 diamonds set into it, with a further 60 baguette diamonds making up the bezel. A total of 94 diamonds are set on the dial combined with 26 blue sapphires to create a visually impressive and complex contrast. A single blue sapphire is also set in the crown.

Highest-quality craftsmanship

With diamonds set alongside blue sapphires, the two varieties of precious stones harmoniously enhance each other’s brilliance and create a bold display of the light and dark stones that calls to mind Grand Seiko’s signature use of light and shadow in design. The diamonds and blue sapphires surrounding the dial are more than mere decoration. They also function as minute markers. Flowing with a brilliant shine on the dial, baguette diamonds and blue sapphires are evenly set within 18K white gold rails by highly skilled artisans. By making the time easy to read at a glance, Grand Seiko blends the precision and skill required of high-level jewelry and watchmaking in this stunning wristwatch.

A manually wound Spring Drive movement with an impressive eight-day power reserve

Caliber 9R01 is a high-end Spring Drive movement designed and crafted by the elite team at the Micro Artist Studio. Watches powered by springs, whether mechanical or Spring Drive, typically have a single barrel to hold a mainspring, but the 9R01 has three barrels arrayed in a series, allowing for continuous operation of up to eight days (about 192 hours). The bridge is fashioned in the shape of Mt. Fuji and the glide wheel plays the part of the sun setting behind Japan’s highest peak. The lights of Suwa city by night come to life in the form of the rubies, and the power-reserve indicator echoes the shape of Lake Suwa.