Preserving the natural beauty of the Hiraniwa Plateau in Iwate prefecture

In every aspect of Grand Seiko watchmaking, respect for nature is an important theme. This is why, starting 2021, Grand Seiko has worked with the local authorities to protect, sustain and nurture the unspoilt white birch forests of the Hiraniwa Plateau, in Iwate Prefecture, not far from where all Grand Seiko mechanical watches are produced.

The Hiraniwa Plateau is known as the most beautiful plateau in Japan and is of great environmental importance. Located in northern Japan, in Iwate Prefecture, it is home to over 300,000 native white birch trees that cover an area of about 400 hectares.
The plateau, which is 800 meters above sea level, shows the variety and beauty of nature in every season of the year.


The beauty, diversity and mystery of the natural world is central to the spirit of Grand Seiko.
The light shifts, creating shadows.
The wind blows, moving the trees and rippling the water.
The snow drifts, creating patterns of infinite variety.
And, as the seasons change, the eternal rhythm of the passage of time fires the Japanese imagination and inspires every aspect of Grand Seiko. In watches of great precision, built to last for generations, Grand Seiko seeks to express the very Nature of Time.

Through many of its dials, Grand Seiko seeks also to celebrate the beauty of nature. Examples include the contours and ridges of Mount Iwate, the snowfields of Shinshu and, most recently, the white birch forests of Hiraniwa.

Photo of : SBGJ203


Photo of : SBGA211


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Grand Seiko is proud to reflect its respect for the natural beauty of the Japanese environment by contributing towards the preservation of the pristine beauty of the white birch forests of the Hiraniwa Plateau.