How to wind the mainspring

This watch has a manually wound spring drive.
You can wind the crown to wind the mainspring to drive the watch.

Please see the power reserve indicator to check the level of the remaining power.

How to read the power reserve indicator

To wind the mainspring, turn the crown at the normal position clockwise (12 o’clock direction) slowly. If you turn the crown counterclockwise (6 o’clock direction), it will turn free. Seven full rotations of the crown will provide the power to run the watch for approximately ten hours.

When starting to use a watch after it has stopped, wind the mainspring sufficiently (so it is fully wound).

Under a low-temperature condition (below 0°C), always keep at least one-sixth of the watch power shown by the power reserve indicator.

How to set the time

  1. Pull out the crown to the first click when the seconds hand is at the 12 o’clock position. (The seconds hand stops.)

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    First click position

  3. Turn the crown counterclockwise (6 o’clock direction) to advance the hands to set the current time.

  4. Push the crown back into the normal position in accordance with a time signal. The watch starts operating.

Tips for more accurate time setting

To ensure effective operation of the Spring Drive mechanism, observe the following instructions when you set the time.

  1. Before setting the time, make sure to wind the mainspring sufficiently.

  2. (Ensure that the power reserve indicator is showing a fully wound state.)

  3. When starting to use a watch after it stops, wind the mainspring sufficiently. To set the time after that, wait for approximately 30 seconds after the seconds hand starts moving, then pull the crown out to the first click.

  4. The seconds hand will stop moving when the crown is pulled out to the first click. Do not stop the movement of the seconds hand for longer than 30 minutes. If the stoppage of the seconds hand movement exceeds 30 minutes, push the crown back in, and wait for approximately 30 seconds after the seconds hand restarts moving, and then set the time.