Slide adjuster

If your watch has a metallic band equipped with a slide adjuster mechanism, you can easily adjust the bracelet length by yourself. This is very useful when you wear the watch over a wetsuit or a heavy winter clothing.

How to use the slide adjuster

  1. Lift up the flap approximately 90° and press it down further approximately 20°, and hold it there.

  2. You may feel slight resistance, but doing this requires only a light force. Please do not push the flap down forcibly.

  3. Lightly pull the bracelet on the 6 o’clock side of the watch along the curved line of the bracelet.

  4. Again, doing this requires only a light force. Please do not pull the bracelet forcibly.

    The slider can be pulled out approximately 30 mm. Be careful not to pull it out beyond the limit mark inscribed on it.

    Diver Adjuster-1 + How to use Diver adjuster-1


    Bracelet on the
    12 o’clock side of your watch

    Bracelet on the
    6 o’clock side of your watch

  5. Holding down the push button, lift up the clasp to release the buckle, and strap the watch on your wrist.

  6. Close the clasp first (4-1) and then the flap (4-2).

  7. With the hand which is not wearing the watch, adjust the length of the slider so that the watch fits well around your wrist.

  8. Diver Adjuster-2 + How to use Diver adjuster-2

    Limit mark (upper surface)



    Push button