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Magnetic resistance (Magnetic influence)

Affected by nearby magnetism, a watch may temporarily gain or lose time or stop operating.

Indication on the case back

Conditions of use

Certified level

No indication

For diver’s model

Keep the watch more than 5 cm away from magnetic products.


4,800 A/m

mark JIS-1_b
mark JIS-2_b

Keep the watch more than 1 cm away from magnetic products.


16,000 A/m


The watch can maintain its performance in most cases where it is brought close to (at least 1 cm spaced from) magnetic products not only in normal daily life circumstances but also in a special work environment.

40,000 A/m

A/m (ampere meter) is the international unit (SI unit) for indicating the magnetic field.

If the watch becomes magnetized and its accuracy deteriorates to an extent exceeding the specified rate under normal use, the watch may need to be demagnetized. In this case, you will be charged for demagnetization and accuracy readjustment even if it happens within the guarantee period.

Examples of common magnetic products that may affect watches

Magnetic product_Mobile_1_Phone
Magnetic product_Mobile_2_Smartphone
Magnetic product_Mobile_3_Tablet
Magnetic Product_AC Adapter
Magnetic product_Bag

Smartphone, cellular phone, tablet terminal
(speaker, magnet of cover)

AC adapter

(with magnet buckle)

Magnetic product_Razor
Magnetic product_electromagnetic cooker
Magnetic Product_Radio
Magnetic Product_Magnetic Necklace
Magnetic product_magnetic pillow

AC-powered shaver

Magnetic cooking device

Portable radio

Magnetic necklace

Magnetic health pillow

The reason why this watch is affected by magnetism

The built-in speed-regulating mechanism is provided with a magnet, which may be influenced by a strong external magnetic field.