NEW PRODUCTS High precision mechanical wristwatches, reborn.

Grand Seiko SBGH219

Meticulous adjustment of the 10 beat Caliber 9S85 achieved even higher precision (+4 to -2 seconds per day) in this SPECIAL model. To honor the dedication to high precision and the efforts of its watchmakers, precious metals were used for the case, and the strap was a special specification in crocodile. Automatic winding, 38.0mm case in 18k white gold.

The DNA of the Grand Seiko high-beat movement was forged in the period of the chronometer trials and has been passed down to the present day. Today, in order to maximize the efficiency of each component and to minimize the friction within the escapement, Seiko uses a manufacturing technology for several very small parts called MEMS, which applies semiconductor manufacturing technology. By incorporating lightening holes and a lubricant retention structure in the pallet fork, escape wheels and other fundamental components, Grand Seiko succeeded in 2009 in making an entirely new high-beat movement.

Only a very few brands in the wristwatch industry accept the daunting challenge of making a 10 beat movement and Grand Seiko is one of this select group. Not only does Grand Seiko have the technology to manufacture components and complete watches at the very highest level, but Grand Seiko carries forward the tradition of dedication to ultra high precision which was established by the 1969 V. F. A.

It is interesting to note that the SPECIAL mark at the 6 o'clock position pays homage to the GS SPECIAL, which, in the 1970s, was positioned between the V.F.A. and the mainstream Grand Seiko range. It certifies that the timepiece has passed the Grand Seiko Special standard inspection. In the rotor of the Caliber 9S85, which can be seen from the back of the case, there is a gold lion medal to underscore the fact that this is a special model indeed.