Small Size Automatic

Caliber 9S27

The Grand Seiko automatic caliber 9S27 strikes that difficult and delicate balance between high performance and slimness. The latest Spron alloy is used for the balance spring and both the pallet fork and escapement wheel are made by MEMS engineering.


Winding mechanism Manual winding mechanical
Mean daily rate +8 to -3 seconds per day
Normal usage accuracy +10 to -5 seconds per day
Power reserve Approximately 50 hours
Vibrations 28,800 vibrations per hour (8 beats per second)
Number of jewels 35 jewels
Features -Date display

What makes 9S Mechanical special?

The concept of Grand Seiko was born from the desire to build the world's best watch, and the collection continues to push precision in mechanical watches to the limits of timekeeping technology.
As a true manufacture, Grand Seiko combines the latest technology with hand craftsmanship to raise the art of mechanical watchmaking to the highest possible level.