Grand Seiko Boutique Exclusive Edition



Heritage Collection

TWD 210,000.00

  • Available at the Grand Seiko Boutiques


Grand Seiko Boutique 限定款

延續自動上鍊機械式高振頻36000轉機芯一貫的抗外部震動、高精準度性能,搭載附GMT功能的9S86機芯。面盤上的24小時顯示刻度及GMT指針,可顯示雙時區時間。1967年問世的「44GS」奠定了「Seiko Style」設計理念,孕育出端正的外觀設計,大量採用完美無瑕的超鏡面研磨。面盤紋路採用「岩手山紋」,乃源自專為GS打造機械錶款的「雫石高級時計工坊」舉目所及的雄偉岩手山稜線,展現細緻拋光的絕美作工。背蓋上特別標註「Grand Seiko Boutique Limited Edition」字樣。


外觀: 不鏽鋼
背蓋: 透視背蓋
鏡面材質: 雙弧面藍寶石水晶玻璃
鏡面鍍膜: 內面無反射塗層處理
尺寸: 錶徑 40.0mm 耳對耳 46.2mm 厚度 14.0mm
帶寬: 19mm
錶扣種類: 三折式按鈕開關錶扣
錶帶周長: 193mm
機芯編號: 9S86 操作說明書
機芯種類: 自動上弦機械機芯(可手動上弦)
動力儲存: 約55小時(上滿弦時)
靜置精準度: 平均日差為+5秒~-3秒(靜置狀態下)
  • 基於Grand Seiko規格,機芯出廠前在6方位和3溫度的條件下所測量的精準度。與客戶實際使用的環境(配戴精準度)有所不同。 此外,由於機械機芯的特性,根據使用條件(配帶時間、溫度、手腕動作、強烈衝擊或振動),可能會超出上述精準度範圍。
防水: 日常生活用強化防水(10氣壓)
耐磁: 4,800 A/m
其他 / 特色:
  • 螺旋式錶冠
  • 寶石數:37石
  • 24小時指針(兩地時間顯示功能)
  • 日期連動時差修正功能

A blue dial with a “Mount Iwate pattern”

The blue dial—which features a “Mount Iwate pattern” showing the ridgelines of the magnificent mountain visible from the Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi where all Grand Seiko mechanical timepieces are made— expresses the beauty of winter mountain scenery emerging faintly through moonlight reflected on snow.

An outer case design for a watch that shines with a brilliance that moves the heart

The exterior design is a modern take on the stunning Grand Seiko Style—the embodiment of the Grand Seiko design philosophy which was first established for the 44GS in 1967—and features a distortion-free, wide mirror surface throughout.

Mechanical Hi-beat 36000 GMT

Caliber 9S86

This high-specification movement delivers the same accuracy (+5 to -3 seconds a day) and the same power reserve (55 hours) as the core Caliber 9S85, while also offering the GMT function that the international traveler needs to ensure that the accuracy of the time shown is not compromised when the time zone is changed. The GMT hand shows the time in the home time zone.

Pulling the crown out by one notch enables the hour hand to be adjusted without stopping the second hand so that the highly accurate timekeeping delivered by the Hi-Beat 36000 is not lost. Caliber 9S86 is the embodiment of the Grand Seiko ideal of high accuracy, maintaining exceptional precision in both the essential time display and the GMT function.