The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.5The distinct functional beauty
of Japan that is also seen
in the yanagi-gori wickerwork
of Takumi Terauchi

The yanagi-gori wicker box, a traditional Japanese craft, does not only serve a practical purpose as a storage case, but also imparts the warmth of a handcrafted item. In a similar fashion, Grand Seiko watches are not just functional, but stimulate the sensibilities with their graceful style. Here, through the filter of Japan, we explore the craftsmanship that conceives such functional beauty in which function embraces form.

Takumi Terauchi’s Toyooka kiryu zaiku is a modern take on the traditional yanagi-gori wickerwork. Grand Seiko’s SBGE201 features sharply cut hands and indexes.

Cultivated by tradition,
a functional beauty distinctive
to Japan

The yanagi-gori wicker case has long served as a traditional Japanese storage case. While retaining its superb features of being light weight, durable, and moth resistant, it was transformed into a modern case by Takumi Terauchi, a Toyooka kiryu zaiku wickerwork craftsman. Working from the foundation of traditional design, functions have been modernized and elevated to higher specifications. This fusion of tradition and innovation to add features matching the needs of people today is also seen in Grand Seiko watches. Further value is born when functions suiting modern lifestyles are added to a product that possesses exquisite form and a distinctive feel backed by history and tradition.