The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.4Fine craftsmanship resonates
the swords of
Yoshindo Yoshihara

Japanese swords, which epitomize the Japanese aesthetic, are born from the honed skills of swordsmiths and their discerning eye for beauty. Grand Seiko quartz watches, as well, deliver superb functionality and beautiful form born from the hands of artisans. Here, let’s explore the timeless strength of these craftmanship skills that pursue perfect precision.

A Japanese sword by master swordsmith Yoshindo Yoshihara, whose name is carved in the blade’s tang. Grand Seiko SBGV205 has a sharp form that is a definite eye-pleaser.

The unique aesthetic of Japan
that seeks perfect precision

Caliber 9F, Grand Seiko’s quartz movement, not only delivers extreme accuracy, but also creates a luxurious expression by moving highly legible, large broad hands and a calendar. The relentless pursuit of quality evident here is none other than the manifestation of the unique Japanese aesthetic. The same can be said about the Japanese swords of master swordsmith Yoshindo Yoshihara, which are born from fire, iron and uncompromising handwork.