The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.3Exquisite craftsmanship
that is also found in the
metalwork of Mami Hasegawa

Time is constantly flowing—never stopping, never to return. This ephemerality is precisely what makes us want to treasure time. Products crafted by hand make the act of using them something very special. Here, while enjoying the products made by metal artist Mami Hasegawa, let’s take a deep look at how craftwork enriches those passing moments.

Metalwork by Mami Hasegawa, “Silver Spoon,” and Grand Seiko’s ladies watch, STGK007. Both are full of an appeal that can only be conceived by hand.

Fine form and warmth born
from handwork

When every day is spent in a frenzy, time could become a chain tying your life down. But time is also that fulfilling moment when you come in touch with lovely things. The accumulation of such little joys in everyday life makes time comfortable and beautiful. Society today is overflowing with various types of goods. This may be the reason why we are attracted to products such as wristwatches and crafts that are made by hand. The products of metal artist Mami Hasegawa radiate the delicacy and warmth that only handwork can conceive. Products that were made carefully, with much time and effort going into them, provide people with the opportunity to lead lives that cherish the flow of time.