A women’s mechanical creation with all the natural elegance of Grand Seiko

A women’s mechanical creation with all the natural elegance of Grand Seiko

A women’s mechanical creation with all the natural elegance of Grand Seiko


The Grand Seiko mechanical collection for women is expanding. Thanks to the slim profile and powerful performance of the new Caliber 9S27, new design possibilities have been created.

The two new watches in this series are unmistakably Grand Seiko. Their design respects the heritage that was born in 1967 with the classic 62GS with its bezel-free construction, sharply angled hand sand markers and highly polished surfaces. The new design combines the strong, distinctive look of one of Grand Seiko’s seminal creations with a fresh, soft and feminine grace.

Both watches in this new series form part of the Elegance collection and will be available from October at all the Grand Seiko Boutiques, selected Seiko Boutiques and other retail partners worldwide.


Supple and glamorous curved form

The long, flowing lines of this exquisite new case are seamless and the surfaces distortion-free so that the watch has a curved, organic feeling, as if it were hewn from nature itself. The bezel-free case and the domed sapphire crystal create a delicate arc that follows the shape of the wrist.

Case diamonds and polishing

The refinement of the case is most evident when seen from the side. The diamonds are perfectly aligned and sit atop the Zaratsu polished surface which has the perfect, distortion-free finish that only this handcraft technique can deliver. While soft to the touch, every edge is sharp to the eye and catches the light in a way that is in sparkling harmony with the line of diamonds.

Elegant dial design

Dials that show the artistry of Japan.
There is a warm and uniquely Japanese elegance to the dials that derives from the a combination of the two diagonally positioned diamonds at 12 o’clock, tactile texture of the dial surface and the leaf shaped hour markers which, like the tapered hour and minute hands, are polished to ensure both their beauty and their legibility.


A silver-color dial that provides a soft shine and transparency.

It is a sophisticated and beautiful color that is integrated into all clothing and situations.
The dial with a fine pattern shines delicately, and impresses faintly femininity.

Dials that show the artistry of Japan

Mother-of-pearl dial with a deep purple color known as ’Koki-murasaki’which has been a symbol of status since the early days of ancient Japan. Thanks to the dial’s texture and this deep color, it seems to be ever changing; each time you glance at the time, the watch brings a new sparkle to your day.


Caliber 9S27

The 9S27 movement

The Grand Seiko automatic caliber 9S27 strikes that difficult and delicate balance between high performance and slimness that only a true manufacture can achieve. It has a precision rate of +8 to−3 seconds a day and a power reserve of 50 hours. These high levels of performance are delivered by an 8 beat movement that is just 19.4mm in diameter and 4.49mm in height.



Grand Seiko Elegance Collection



Grand Seiko Elegance Collection