The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.6Elegant beauty of form
that has similarities
the lacquer work of Jihei Murase

Lacquerware, the world-famous traditional craft of Japan, has a history dating back several thousand years. Even today, it blends into daily life as a household item, but craftsman Jihei Murase III has elevated this lacquerware into a modern art form. The graceful lines of his works have a similarity with the elegant appeal of Grand Seiko.

The soft lines of the lacquerware and the sharp cut of the hands and indexes of Grand Seiko timepieces are born from the intuitions of the creators—something that cannot be quantified. That is precisely why their beauty is so captivating.

Elegant form honed
within daily life

Lacquerware is coated with urushi lacquer, which naturally hardens to display excellent durability. By undergoing transformations to match the climate of Japan, it has become a practical item integral to daily life. Moreover, artisan skills passed down over many, many years have given it a sophisticated form, leading to recognition of its artistic value as well. To use or to treasure—that is the attraction of lacquerware. The same is also true for Grand Seiko watches. Watches that have the originality and functions only available from a manufacture d'horlogerie, which makes all the parts in-house, and that also achieve an elegant design appealing to the sensibilities can also be considered masterpieces that enrich life.