The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.1The Japanese aesthetic 
that charmed Milan

Grand Seiko returned to Milan Design Week again in 2019 to express the brand’s view of the world through an exhibition with the theme of “THE NATURE OF TIME.” Here we look at its beautiful and symbolic expression of the unique Japanese perspective and sensibilities concerning time, and the essence of craftsmanship.

A work of art using the components of the Spring Drive movement. Despite the fact that this was an exhibition for a watch brand, only one watch was exhibited at the venue, with the focus being the installations.

A space embodying
the Japanese sense of time

The reason why so many companies participate in Milan Design Week, one of the world’s largest festivals of design, is to express through design the thoughts that go into their products and the philosophy of the brand. In its second year participating in Milan Design Week, Grand Seiko displayed installations at the Poldi Pezoli Museum in Milan with the theme of THE NATURE OF TIME.

The word “nature” can mean the “physical world” and the “essence” of something. The unique Japanese sense of time embraces everything as a part of the natural physical world. By expressing the ceaseless flow of time, the exhibition conveyed the essence of the Grand Seiko brand.