Heritage Collection
At a glance, it’s Grand Seiko.

Powered by our yearly accurate analogue quartz movement and using the most up to date artistry, SBGP001 is a re-interpretation of the celebrated 44GS which set the design style of Grand Seiko in 1967. The flat surfaces on the bezel and case are polished by hand to a full, distortion-free finish, using the Zaratsu technique. The combination of both hairline and mirror finishes lends the case an air of stature. The multi-faceted hour markers and hands sparkle with elegance, thanks to their diamond-cut edges. Instantly legible. Instantly recognisable as Grand Seiko.



Heritage Collection

KRW 4,600,000

시계 특징

시차 조정 기능이 있는  9F85 무브먼트

9F85 무브먼트에는 초침을 멈추지 않고 시침을 조정할 수 있는 시차 조정 기능이 있어 착용자가 시간대를 변경할 때 높은 정밀도를 유지합니다.
외부 디자인은 1967년 44GS 출시와 함께 수립된 디자인 컨셉인 그랜드 세이코 스타일 아이디어의 일부로 정의된 화려하고 빛나는 타임피스를 현대적으로 재 해석한 것입니다.
케이스는 자라츠 폴리싱을 통해 생성된 완벽한 경면 마감면을 사용하고 아름답고 빛나는 경면 마감면과 헤어라인 마감면을 결합하여 입체감을 줍니다. 확장 다이얼에는 12개의 다면적 시간 표시가 있습니다. 이러한 요소들의 상호 보완적인 배열은 시계에 아름다운 광채와 가시성을 제공합니다.

상세 스펙

외관: 스테인리스 스틸
케이스백: 잠금식 케이스백
글래스 재질: 듀얼 커브드 사파이어 크리스탈
글래스 코팅: 내부 표면의 반사 방지 코팅
케이스 사이즈: 직경 40.0mm 러그 투 러그 46.2mm 두께 11.1mm
밴드 폭: 19mm
클래스프 종류: 푸쉬 버튼 릴리즈가 있는 3단 접이식 클래스프
칼리버 번호: 9F85 Instructions
무브먼트 유형: 쿼츠
정확도: 연오차 ±10 초
방수: 10 기압
항자성: 4,800 A/m
무게: 142 g
기타 특징:
  • 캘린더 연동 시차 조정 기능

A sunray patterned dial, a silken shimmer.

All Grand Seiko dials are well worth looking at through a ‘loupe’ but none more than the sunray dial of SBGP001. Its silken texture and the delicate radiating pattern are made possible thanks to the soft silver coating on the surface. Light and shadow play across the dial like threads of the finest Japanese silk.

A blue steel seconds hand on a sunray dial.

The dial has a sunray pattern and a silken sheen that gives it warmth and depth. At any time in any light, it has a delicate shimmer that is a joy to behold. Against this subtle and delicate background, the blue steel seconds hand stands out and catches the eye. The seconds hand has a deep blue color that only the finest craftsmanship can achieve.

The strength of a lion.

The lion has been the symbol of Grand Seiko for over six decades. It reflects the ambition of the original Grand Seiko team to make a watch that was as precise, durable and beautiful as could be and reveals the intensity of their determination. They defined their goal as making the “king of watches”, and so it was that the lion mark came to symbolize the inner strength of Grand Seiko.

The quartz watch, re-defined by Caliber 9F.

What makes a good quartz watch? It has of course to be accurate but precision is meaningless if the watch does not have the legibility to do it justice. The answer must lie in long hands whose sharp angles catch the light in the dark. No quartz watch, however, could power such heavy hands until Caliber 9F was created in 1993. Its Twin Pulse Control Motor moves broad and heavy hands. With accuracy of ±10 seconds per year and legibility to match, Caliber 9F redefines quartz watch technology.

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It takes experience to become an expert in Zaratsu polishing.

As they press the side of each case against the rotating disc, the craftsmen and women entrusted with Zaratsu polishing have only their eyes and their fingers to sense the exact angle and pressure required. Through their fingertips, they can feel the heat generated, the vibration and the rate at which abrasive is being used up and then make the adjustments to the pressure and angle that secure a perfect, distortion-free result. The skill required is the result of years of training, patience and, most of all, experience.